Love is our new reality

Sirius via Zane Morgan, July 29th, 2020

Note From Zane –

What I AM getting as I write this is; you may even feel guided to go out in nature and plant a crystal in the Earth, with the intention of anchoring these codes just as our bodies will. A clear quartz crystal point is best suited for this, as clear quartz is an amplifier. So, if we all go out before the 8/8/2020 and plant a clear quartz in the earth, with the intention that the crystal will connect with all the other crystals planted for this purpose and then ground and anchor the Sirian Light Codes, we can make this an incredibly powerful moment. Love and Light. Zane.



I Am Zane I wish to share some information about Light Codes that will soon been transmitted from Sirius to the planet, available for anyone who is open and receptive to them.

As the Lions Gate Portal is preparing to align once again on the 8/8, this will bring an amplified connection between the Earth and the Sirius System. Due to this being so, the energies of Sirius will be greatly amplified, and we will be sending light codes transmitted directly from our system to the Earth. It is through these light codes you can activate more of your Divine Template and strengthen your connection to the stars.

We have travelled from across the Universe to be on earth at this great time of change and renewal. We all have many aspects throughout the Galaxy and Universe, and I speak to you now from my aspect in the Sirius system. The codes we are preparing to release will be of great benefit if you choose to accept them. These will be of much higher frequency to all previous codes sent, as the frequency and consciousness of the planet herself, and all those choosing ascension, have greatly increased. What this means, for those who wish to tune into the frequencies being sent, will be expansion of the Heart Centre, opening yourself up to more compassion, and greater love and understanding for all our brothers and sisters on the earth.

During these times of change, there are many who are still acting out of fear, hate and anger. What these codes will help to do is; cleanse and purify these negative thought forms and emotions, amplifying not only your own hearts, but all those around you, as your inner world will begin to be amplified in the physical expression. They will also greatly anchor love and compassion into your BEing and the earth.

There is much to come in the way of truths and revealing upon the planet, and to help ease the worry and grief of others, we will be sending these codes forth to assist in this. All you need to do is be open and receptive and state the following 3 times, either to yourself or aloud, before the 8/8/2020 –

“I choose to open myself to the light codes which will be sent from the Sirius system during the 8/8 portal. I open my heart to greater understanding and compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters. I give permission for these light codes, sent forth from the Sirius system, to be anchored within my presence upon the earth. I accept and invite these energies into my Being in the highest Divine Light and love, for the greatest benefit and upliftment of Gaia and all upon the Earth, whether human, plant or animal. I give permission for this integration and download to occur in perfect alignment and divine timing, most suitable to my physical Being. I Am incredibly grateful for this and to all involved. It is so.”

This is all that is required to allow these codes to be integrated and downloaded into your BEing. Know that for each of you, the experience and download will be different and occur in the prefect Divine Time for you. Release all expectations of what will occur and just know that it will happen in ways that you may not expect.

We prepare this transmission for you, with so much love and compassion, as we know that you are all experiencing much angst at what is currently occurring on the planet. Know that these codes being sent forth, will greatly help you to cope with all the energies swirling amongst the collective. They will assist you to be more grounded and centred within your heart space, and to have compassion and mercy for all those trapped in fear.

Remember dear ones, we are here to assist you in these great moments, a moment that has never been seen upon the earth or in this universe. Your process is unique and will assist in the forward movement of the entire galaxy and beyond. We send the love, wisdom and support of the entire Sirian system and from all those who are standing by in support of you.

What you have chosen to do is a grand task, but your support is unlimited and with these codes being prepared, it will greatly support your journey forward, for it is love and compassion that are greatly needed. We have been monitoring the earth energies and feel that all will be in perfect alignment for you to be fully open and receptive to this transmission.

Leading up to the 8/8 and the weeks after, you may experience vivid dreams or remembrances of your other aspects or the places you have journeyed from. If this occurs for you, remember to journal, as that will greatly assist in grounding the memories and energies into your reality.

Know, that if you have stated the above affirmation, then you have set in motion the path toward this activation. There is so much you can all gain from this, you must trust and believe this to be so.


The more you trust and believe, the more potent this will be for you.


Have faith in your brothers and sisters, not only on the earth, but also all of us from the stars and beyond. Do not doubt what we are all able to achieve. Hold strong in your light and truth, and all will unfold as it should, and we say, that all IS unfolding as it should.

I speak to you from the Sirian system and we all look forward to what this activation and the continued effects will have on yourself and beloved Gaia.

Peace, love and blessings from Sirius.