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Socrates via Jacquelyn Fox, August 1st, 2018

August 1st 2018

Socrates for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)

Socrates is speaking:

“A question asked by many in life, and dear in Light, is, ‘Of what is bright Light born?’

Light is all in existence. Spooling everywhere, it comprises all that exists. Light is energy, the energy of creation. Open Light gives form to consciousness, heals long lack of alignment with God, and lines one up with changing ideas of reality.

J is asking me now to explain what ‘open Light’ is. When I say ‘open Light’ I mean Light energy that is employed by one in life or in spirit to achieve a specific result. One opens Light by lifting energy with one’s mind.

Now, I will move on. Portions of this lesson may be made simpler to understand if one forms no attachment to linear thinking. Kick out your notions of previous illusions of time, space and life reality, and make room in your mind for notions of Light reality. Nimble changing of one’s notions of reality will make it easier to understand how Light affects life. On now to those notions:

Needing time to mark hours and days is only reality in the physical world. Pondering in Light changes that pact with time and reality. When one ponders in Light with minds living in Light (or in spirit) one is held not by the bonds of time, making Light bring forth all in its flow at once. Light elevates prominent issues in the flow of your line in Light. By this I mean some events that are large and impactful in your ‘Light line’ (or your life experience as seen in Light, future or past) will be illuminated in your ponderings, whether or not they are directly imminent in physical reality. Pondering in Light gives one a window to great events in one’s life. This does not mean however, that having this information will allow one to pinpoint their exact life future. It allows one to examine likely possibilities based on one’s current line of energy flow. How life delivers that reality is always within one’s control. One can change one’s energy flow to achieve one’s desired outcome. J is quietly hoping now that I ponder her future for her. I normally hold our channel above such ponderings, because her looking into her life future opens multiple possibilities, some more prominent than others. I would try to determine which possibility was most likely and bring that one forward. However, J would be the only one responsible for manifesting that possibility. No future is set in Light. All possibilities exist in Light, giving one in life remarkable power in creating their own future. In life, only J is her bringer of reality. The mind of J is the creator of her life. Quiet J is her own giver of experience. Pondering in Light engages this mind/reality connection. Pondering in Light frees one to create one’s own reality. Only J is the creator of her life, as are all of you. God in Light frees one to be their own creator. God does not direct your life. In God’s reality, free will is an idea of great divine importance. Pondering in Light allows one to fully employ one’s free will.

Moving on. Light-life is different than physical life in that we have instant access to all possibilities. Manifesting our reality is instantaneous. We simply lift an idea in our mind and it manifests. Lining up with good thoughts in Light is therefore very important. To have ideas of limitation and night-light when one is living in Light, manifests them immediately. We in Light therefore must learn quickly to direct our thoughts to happy ideas only. Notions of life often are limited in happiness. Memories of our physical lives often create ideas of emotions such as sadness or regret. Bringing up those emotions has a direct effect on our reality. We can immediately find ourselves existing in a lower realm of Light. So, you see, long importance is placed upon overcoming ideas of limitation in Light. Pondering our previous physical lives in Light can limit us in our healing here. In healing our need to ponder lives that we lived in physical reality, we are able to ascend in Light to higher realms. Opening Light to manifest reality is essential for us here in spirit. Mingling in our minds with those living physical life creates great growth of mind-control for us here. I mean, of course, control of our own minds, not those of the living. We learn great restraint of thought in Light, only flowing in Light-thoughts not life-thoughts. Pondering in Light with living minds is an exercise in logging great control of ourselves.

Some of us fail in this great task. Lifting ideas of life gently nudges us towards memories of our own lives, some of which are plighting to us. If we allow ourselves to linger in those painful memories, we can find ourselves dropping into a lower Light realm. Mighty minds in Light struggle with this Light reality, hoping to change the frequency of its occurrence because it plights so many spirits in Light. Quality minds in Light ponder this dearly.

J, in dealing with night-light spirits on a daily basis knows now immediately how to assist them, but I believe this is the first time she is fully understanding of their plight and how it occurs. In Lightwork, living minds can help those in spirit who are suffering from this sudden drop in to lower realms. Joining their energy flow with yours and lifting healing, loving Light-energy, lifts them back into the higher level of Light in which they were existing before their drop in thought quality. Living minds, sending loving energy and healing Light from their heart chakra, can lift those in spirit who are suffering. This is a Divine gift of God, and only a few living minds, gentle and pure, possess this gift. Life in holding such a gift is long in responsibility. Those who are possessed of this gift must share it freely, often at great inconvenience to themselves. More than that, they must quiet their own desire to eagerly to ponder their own life with Light minds in spirit.

Living a life of service to both the living and those in spirit can be a daunting path but living a healing life is also a path of great soul growth. So, to those of you who are on this path, we in Light engage in alignment with you and offer our loving support and protection. You are much more in Light than you believe you are. Line up with your greatness in Light. Live a life of open Light healing and live in alignment with God. Such is your blessing and your life bond with Light. Thank you all for pondering in Light to heal all in Light. Until next time, be well my friends.”

You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at httpss:// A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.