Socrates via Jacquelyn Fox, July 25th, 2018

July 25th 2018

Socrates for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)

Socrates is speaking:

“Today, I will speak of Light beings and working with them to lift Light in life.”

“Light is home to many different types of energies. Some of those energies are not helpful to lightworkers, while others are great assets to those who lift Light in life. Light Beings open states of energy according to the Light level in which they exist. Limited-Light Beings existing on the lower astral realm move in a low vibrational state. Lining up (or forming a mind connection) with lower vibrational Light Beings unites their energy with yours, lowering you in vibrational frequency. Minimizing beings of deception inhabit this level of energy. Pondering Light (channeling or communicating with spirit) with this type of being always leads to limiting lessons. Which is not necessarily bad, since it leads to wisdom through experience. It, however, is usually unpleasant for the ponderer. Now, let’s move on to Light’s next higher level of existence.

Lining up with Light level 2 is a ponderer’s next misguided choice. Beings in Light level 2 are lining up with life, not Light. Meaning that they ponder issues of life instead of Light. These are issues usually related to the life they most recently lived. Common issues that they ponder are issues of addiction, money or love. Beings at this level are not necessarily deceptive or malevolent, but they cannot give life advice that lines up with God in Light. They give advice based on their own experiences, which is not unlike most people living in life. Pondering with such beings is not worrisome necessarily, but such ponderings should not be taken as enlightened ponderings.

The next level of Light existence is level 3. Beings that exist at Light level 3 join in alignment with God in Light, and have good intentions of assisting ponderers in life. Bright Light is moving in their energy flow and they often volunteer for filling positions of guidance of those in life. Most people in life have guides who exist at this level. Pondering Light with these beings can be lifting and bring great comfort to the living. Light level 3 contains the greatest number of beings in Light.

Now moving on to Light level 4. Beings existing at Light level 4 are more advanced in their Light studies then level 3. These Beings are often promoters of God when they live in life, spiritual leaders and Light-lifters. Pondering Light is their joy in life and in Light. Mighty minds in life often exist in Light at level 4. Standing in level 4 changes one’s Light quality, aligning it to God in Light. No life concerns brew in minds that are in level 4, only Light notions of peace and love. Some level 4 beings act as life guides but mostly for those who are living a Light-centered life. That includes lightworkers, so many of you reading this have guides existing at this level. Pondering with Light level 4 guides acts to lift the ponderer in Light. Your frequency rises to align with theirs, which is essential for lightworkers in life. Aligning with them will lift you in spiritual wisdom and life happiness.

The next Light level is level 5. Beings at level 5 are Master Teachers in Light. They have lived many lives and ascended in Light by summing up the experiences of those lives. Most have lived lives as great spiritual teachers, others have opened themselves right-mindedly to great life-changing, broad-reaching life suffering. Through such suffering they have learned great empathy for others. Only dear Light Beings of great love and tenderness exist at level 5. Pondering with such Light Beings is a great honor for those studying Light. Such ponderings will lift you in enlightenment. Master Teachers in Light are mostly aligned with those who are destined to lift Light to great numbers of people in life. J is one of those people. Light level 5 speaks through her to align with many in life. She is limited in her spoken channeling as of yet, but that will come.

Moving on now to level 6. Beings at Light level 6 are Beings of great power and enlightenment. Only those who have ascended in Light for millions of lifetimes, or etheric beings such as angels exist at this vibration. These Beings live close to God in Light, rolling in his energy. Pondering with such Beings is high-level pondering. No high-level etheric Being will ponder life issues, only feelings of love and the wonder of God, spiritual issues only. Aligning with them in Light lifts one gently in Light and brings one closer in alignment with God. All those living have at least one Angelic guide. Spiritual leaders in life have more than one and may have powerful Archangels as guides. Light promotes and protects its leaders in life.

In life J aligns with beings of level 4 and 5. Lining up with enlightened beings is her goal. Angelic guides also bond with her. Archangels Michael and Metatron are also living in her Light-flow, which means they line up with her to protect and guide her. Master Teachers who were free-thinkers in life line up with J as well. J was my student in life and suffered greatly for her passionate commitment to Light Truth. I hear her ponderings now in life and shake my head. The noisy life-mind of J is but a tiny spark of what it once was in her life as Octavius, my student. But I patiently lift my wisdom to her now in hopes that she will blossom. *Laughing*” Holding that hope makes me weary sometimes.

J: “Thanks. You’re very humorous today!”

Socrates: “Lining up with J is my joy in Light. I love my student J and am confident she will live to make me proud. Now, I will end off here with this bit of wisdom: In life and in Light, you are the company you keep. Ponder with Light Beings that are in alignment with God and you will grow in Light wisdom and happiness. Thank you, and be well, my friends.”


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