Talking Wind via Ann Dahlberg, March 10th, 2017

Talking Wind

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Talking Wind and I am grateful for everything that is happening in the world today. Much time has passed since we predicted these events on Earth. Now the time has finally arrived for a new and better world for the people and our beloved Mother Earth with all her nature beings. All the beings in nature are her children just as you are. We are all equally valuable and belong in a perfect symmetry where all are treated with respect and reverence. It is meant that we should take care of everything that lives with the love and the respect that is in our hearts. It is our duty to assist our dear Mother Earth with all the help we can give. We are part of her and without her we cannot live on this beautiful blue planet. Mother Earth is a goddess that we should revere and respect and give as much love as we can. Mother Earth feels love for everything living on our Earth and she wants to shield and protect us all. It is an honor to be a guardian on this Earth. Now the time has come when we again can serve as such. The time has come when we can give back a little of that we have taken and in this way ask for forgiveness and show respect and reverence for all her creations. It is a true honor to be alive at this time and be the ones who put everything right again. Become a part of the whole and receive understanding of how everything works together and how we all belong as One with All.

Us natives have always understood how we belong with nature and that we must respect it in order to survive and feel good in body and soul. Unfortunately our knowledge has not been taken advantage of as it was intended, but now we have learned our lessons and it is time to start a new era with the knowledge we have of both the new and old variety. We will take the best from our experiences and knowledge and build further now so that everything on Earth can get what it needs to recover and feel good. We need clean water and forests that are protected in a correct way – Agriculture that does not harm our Earth with toxins and air that is clean and clear to be in. The sun gives us the warmth and energy we need, receive it. According to our way of seeing things the Sun is our Father who warms us and gives everything life together with Mother Earth. We should honor and respect both our Mother and Our Father. They are there for us and only wish us well. Everything is connected, our Sun, Our Moon and our Earth. They are coordinating for our and nature’s best. If we impact our elements we impact also our selves and this is what we now have done. It is by restoring everything that we show our respect and reverence for the elements we live in. They help us and we need to help them so that they can function in their most natural way, clean air, clear water, a healthy soil and a sun that warms up everything during the day and lets it rest during the night. These are large priorities in order for ourselves to be healthy and develop in an optimal way.

This is why I feel great warmth in my heart now when the winds are in our favor. It is a wind that brings compassion and love for all things living on our Earth. It is with love, hope and longing that I anticipate the new times. It is a longing that has been in my heart, which now finally can make it self heard. I feel true joy for nature. I feel their hope, their longing and their love. Now they grow in love and help you to find it if only you can still yourself a moment in nature. They do all to help you now to find your way to compassion and love so that we all can see everything that is happening with clear eyes of love. Love in your heart opens up clear eyes. It is with love that you best can see and best understand how you will move forward now. I find all my love in nature and then share it so that it can rest and grow in somebody else’s heart. It is this way that we help others to develop and make it possible for them to find their own path to follow. It is a path that gives them the experiences they need to find the way home again to their own heart of love.

Our father is wise and prudent. Our Mother is loving and embracing. Together they are One, just like you and me. Understand that you have the Father and the Mother within yourselves. They are now going the merge into One. I am an old Indian that have seen many lives on Earth come and go and the only thing I ask of you now is that you with compassion and love in your hearts dare to meet your Selves and let the heart be what is guiding on the planet. I have much hope and trust in this as I now have seen many hearts open up and they have started to help our dear Mother Earth to a better life both for themselves and her. I am deeply grateful for this and send to all of you all the love I can, as we are all One and we all need to wake up to this great moment on Earth.

Blessings to you all

Talking Wind







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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