Love is our new reality

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The Acceleration of Holy Love via Summer Sun in China, May 13th, 2018


The acceleration of holy love


Well, I’m a summer sun, and now I share a way that makes our frequency and the mother frequency of the earth rapidly rise, and every one of us has the free will to decide whether to do it.

When we have made such a change, the long-awaited events will happen faster and let us work together.

Here I share the magic of creation of consciousness, or beautiful magic.


1, meditation or utterance:

I am the existence of the Trinity, I am the fusion of light and darkness, I am the existence of love; I merge my own inner dark consciousness, light consciousness, unconditional love consciousness to each other in my heart.

I hold the Trinity attribute, keep the center of love, do not deviate from any side of light or dark, and become my existence, the existence of love, I will live out love, and reflect the nature of love.

This language / magic is to balance the multiple attributes of ourselves. We can think and speak before sleep and before we get up, and remember 5~10 times.

2, speak silently or speak out in your heart (consciously and slowly and deeply, and slowly breathe out the energy and air of sacred love).

Imagine that you are breathing in the energy of light and the energy of low-frequency consciousness, and then through the transformation of unconditional love in our hearts.

Creative magic of love: absorb / breathe sunlight and low frequency consciousness – release / exhale holy energy / air.

[we can take –10-30 minutes every day for second points, if we are tired and rest; we can jointly accelerate the creation of a new reality, the reality of love]

The words of this article can be saved, often practiced, often expressed, we are the creator of the common reality, and we decide what our reality is, if you are ready, start.