Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, May 13th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I want to offer my thanks to the people of Earth. You have received the light and now started to let it change your bodies. You now have the opportunity to rest in your own space and allow your higher self to lead the way. You can more easily find the stillness within you. In the grand silence you have all you need. You can just sit and enjoy that you are everything, have everything and can be everything all at the same time. It is here in your inner stillness that you pick up the new thread to your life. It is here that you find your truth, your path and meaning with your life. It is in this stillness that the grandest masters have been born on Earth, that is to say, have woken up to themselves. They have understood the importance of their own life on Earth. They have followed their inner guidance and become a role model for their fellow man. It was not meant that they would be put on a pedestal, but to point the way for other people so that they can follow in their footsteps. They came down as teachers to Earth. It was the Masters that had managed to master their minds and to put the soul and love in the first room. Like the master cobbler who taught his students to become an equally grand master as himself these masters came down to Earth to teach people to be their own masters – Masters in their own lives, where they can have all they need and more so, just by following their inner guidance. Everything is there within you. Everything is written there. If humanity only had followed its inner guidance they would have lived in a completely different way today. It is this Earth that you now create step by step, as you find the guidance in your heart.

Life is overflowing on Earth today. It overflows of joy and new laughter. There is hope and a longing for renewal. The belief in compassion and love is on the way back. The belief in your own power and the belief that we together can change the world have created new ideas – Ideas that better can serve the world you live in. The population all over the world long for peace and freedom and you can hear their song all over the place – The song about peace, the song about freedom for themselves and all other that inhabit the same Earth. It is no longer possible to stop humanity’s awakening. Humanity is now waking up in the thousands and thousands and they will see how a new world is built up with more compassion and love. The door that was closed for them is now on the way to open up again. They have already started the process and the heavy door has already a crack that is getting larger and larger. It goes faster and faster and it will not take much longer before it is again fully open.

Your new time is here and you can create what you want with the large portion of compassion and love that is in your hearts. It is this work that I bow to. It has been a heavy door, but you have nudged it and thus opened the door to your new fate of love and light. What shines in from that door are rays of love light. They shine in and open up for more light. You walk on a light path dear humanity and we walk with you. It was this that the masters came down to teach you and you have now started to take in wisdom and started to understand that you are your own masters.

It is grand day today and you are so blessed and loved dear Earthlings.

I take my hat off and bow deeply.

Much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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