Love is our new reality

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The Andromedans via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, April 14th, 2018

Message from the Andromedans for April 14, 2018



Andromedans 4/14/18

Greetings neighbors and friends. We are the Andromedan Collective here to today to send our love and light in greeting to you, friends, and family, on this crucial and integral time / moment on your beautiful Gaia.

For you are at the juncture friends, of something big, and that ‘big deal’ is you all, as you discover your god-selves within, and claim your divinity, your mastery and as a human collective rise as one and ascend. It is true not all will choose to do this and that is their right, there prerogative, their decision. We do not judge them. They simply desire to learn more of the hard lessons and work through their issues. We do not begrudge them this. But for those of you who have chosen the light have chosen wisely, and it is time to rise friends.

We are so excited for you. We are extremely interested in your delightful Earth culture and customs. And it is so varied all over the planet! So many different dishes and culinary delights, so many different ways of dressing, of eating, of living, of worshipping. Truly earth is a porporri of experience and you friends, have experienced all of this, all that Earth has to offer, because you have been through it so many times and served the collective in so many capacities that it is truly wondrous that you are still here and still doing what you have been doing for so long, serving the collective. It has been arduous, to be sure.

We Andromedans have had our own issues and upgrades. We are an older galaxy (spiritually) than your own but we see you as our sister galaxy, what you call the Milky Way. And we have had many delightful interactions together over the eons. And we are of course here to lend our light and service to humanity at this most critical juncture of time and energy as this influx – this great influx – of light blasts into your world and rearranges all into light and purity, leaving nothing untouched in this tsunami of love and light that purifies masterfully. Let it in, allow its purity to calm and comfort and burn away the dross, that which no longer serves. For this is why you are here now friends, to experience and to bear witness to this mighty time of tumultuous change. And you have volunteered yet again to lead your light and power and strength so that it may not be quite so tumultuous as has been predicted. And you are doing this splendidly.

We are the Andromedan Collective and we send our love and neighborly “hello” to you now.

~ galaxygirl