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The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson, July 30th, 2021



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Creation Empowerment by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, we are the Andromedans. We come as a collective energy of the truth of the Creator to deliver to you inspiration and enlightenment. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations existing within the Universe of the Creator. However, we simply recognise ourselves as divinely connected with the Creator and an expression of the Creator. It is through our expressive nature of the Creator that we allow ourselves to adopt the wisdom, the knowledge, the truth of the Creator, bringing it into the awareness and the remembrance of all beings. We simply act as a reflection of the truth that is already present within your being and we wish to be a reminder of your truth.

Today, we come forth to speak of creation, your ability to manifest anything that you wish in your reality whether you are existing on the inner planes, on a star or planet or upon the Earth. Your ability to manifest is in some ways beyond your physical body, meaning that you can manifest on the inner planes also. As a being of light existing in a physical reality, your physical body and your auric field play a key role in the manifestation process. As do your chakras, especially your Earth Star Chakra, which allows for the grounding of your manifestations and bringing light into physical manifestation.

We do not wish to speak of the process of manifestation. It is an ability that you have, it is a talent, it is a natural aspect of your being and your essence. In many ways, you do not need to learn, or relearn how to manifest, how to create what you want for yourself, your body and for others. If this is the case, what do we wish to speak of with you today?

We wish for you to imagine and that your ability to manifest is a talent that you already embody.

Imagine yourself as an athlete, maybe you are particularly good at running but you have never been trained, and you have not entered any competitions. Maybe you are an artist; you are exceptionally good at drawing or painting and yet you do not do it very often. You do not go to classes and maybe you do not share your work with other people. Imagine that you had this underlying talent, and you knew about it, for all of us, the talent is the ability to manifest. Imagine that you are that athlete, and someone comes along and invites you to run in a competition. You have the ability to run and to win and it is the same if you are an artist, maybe someone invited you to enter a competition of painting or drawing and you do have the ability to win.

What is the difference between you remaining as a private runner or a private artist and you entering into the competition and winning?
We are not going to say that you need training, guidance, or practice. With your manifestation, you already have the training, and you already have the practice because you are always manifesting in every moment of your reality. You have had plenty of practice and you have had your training, you already know how to manifest, even if you do not understand with your mind.

What is needed for you as an athlete, an artist or a being of manifestation and creation to win the competition or to manifest your dreams? Just think for a moment. The energy that is needed is belief in yourself, trust in yourself, confidence and in a knowingness that you can do. If you doubt that you are an athlete, an artist or that you are a being of creation you will not even be able to enter into the competition to discover what you can do. You will not even be able to reach out to see what you have the potential of manifesting. Doubt and judgment, lack of faith, lack of belief, lack of trust, these all end up being barriers of separation between the talent that is already within your being.

We the Andromedans, recognise that often many Light beings get hung up upon how to create, even what to create, when to create it, and how much energy and focus is enough. In truth, you already have the inner knowingness with an intuition that can guide you in the exact steps that are needed. Often you take the exact steps without even knowing. The barrier, the blockage, the separation is often doubt, judgment and lack of faith, trust, confidence, belief in self, and even a lack of love for oneself. Realising that you are deserving and worthy of winning the competition or manifesting your dreams can transform your actions and experiences. If you imagine these energies as blockages, as barriers, they come between you as a talented being and the outcome that you wish for. How can you dissolve these barriers?

The answer is amazingly simple. You can ask for healing, we the Andromedans, are open, ready, and available to share healing with you, to support the release of everything that is blocking your manifestation. You can also contemplate that even when others believe in you, loving and trusting you, if you do not love, trust, and believe in yourself, the power and energy they give you has extraordinarily little impact. This means that you are the only one to empower your creations to empower your ability to manifest. Every time you have a judgment, a lack or disbelief, rewrite it within your mind.

Say to yourself, what do I want instead? Maybe you say to yourself, I am really rubbish at manifesting, the things I want never seem to manifest. Change it, I believe in myself, I love myself, I am deserving of manifesting everything that I need. When you rewrite it, it is important that you feel it in your body, that you feel it in your auric field, your energy, your being and then you empower it. Meaning you radiate it, you let it flow from your being like a charge of light and truth. The more you can practice this daily, the more you will change and transform your reality thus the barrier will dissolve, and you will find that you are simply manifesting everything that you need without even thinking about it.

Our message to you today is remarkably simple, and yet it is an especially important key. It allows you to manifest what you wish in your reality, and this is something that we wish to support you in achieving.

We love you deeply and we thank you,

We are the Andromedans