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The Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, August 21st

Do this and manifest everything you desire”

akashic recordsToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of manifesting your desires. Of course each and every one of you have many desires in which you have set your sights upon, you have wished for them, so why haven’t they come true yet. This is what we would like to discuss in hopes of helping you become more clear about what is needed in order for your dreams to come true.

Each and every one of you have things that you once wanted and now have. You successfully manifested those desires into your life. Often times there are some areas in your life which you find to be much easier to manifest positive results than in other areas of your life. For some, a loving relationship has always been something they could easily create, or perfect health and well being, for others abundance is quite easy to manifest, each of you have areas that are working very well and other areas that could use a little refocusing.

So why is it that some desires manifest so easily, and some do not? Ahh, a wonderful question. Allow us to share our perspective. You see, when you view your reality in terms of energy, frequency and vibration rather than just in experiences and results you will have an easier time understanding how anything manifests. The universe is neutral, it does not have a filter. It does not give good things to good people and bad things to bad people, no more so than a mirror giving good reflections to the deserving and bad reflections to the less than deserving. The universe is continually responding to each and every thought, which is essentially the vibration that you emit throughout all of eternity with each new thought. The beautiful thing about your reality is that you always get to make a new choice, choose a new focus, choose a new vibration.

So why do some things manifest so quickly? In simple terms, the answer is because there wasn’t any resistance. Each and everything that you want or desire has a particular rate of vibration an exact frequency. You understand that if you want to watch channel 10 but you are tuned to channel 5, all the wishing and hoping in the world wont change the channel. You have to pick up the remote and actively change the channel. You do not doubt that channel 10 exists even though you are tuned into channel 5, you understand that it exists regardless of whether you are watching it or not. Yet so many of you doubt that your dreams and desires exist because you cannot see them in your physical reality. It is the very same concept. So all that is needed is for you to change the channel in which you are vibrating. When you change your vibration and consequently change your mood, you will surely dial into a completely different set of circumstances and experiences.

So many get sucked into the circumstances that are manifesting before you, but if they are not pleasing to you it does not do you any good to focus your attention upon them. What you focus on will always expand. When you deliberately choose to focus your attention upon things that are peace, enjoyable, pleasurable you change the rate in which you are vibrating. Anything and everything manifests, good or bad in your reality because you have matched the speed of that vibration and therefore it had to manifest. You essentially tuned into that channel. If you have desires that have not yet manifested all that is required is that you match the speed of that vibration. What does it feel like to have what you truly desire right now? What would that feel like? When you put yourself in that feeling you are matching the speed of that vibration. It has to flow into your reality, as does everything else that is of like resonance. This is why you see so many people’s lives get better and better or worse and worse. It’s the channel they are focused upon.

Now, it is important for you to know that you do not need to focus on your desire in order for it to manifest, you just need to be in the vibrational range of what you desire. So any good feeling, any good feeling thought will put you in that vicinity. The more you frequent those good feelings, those good vibes the more you practice that vibration and the more that has to manifest in your reality that matches it. It really is that simple!

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful in someway.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides



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