Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny, March 28, 2019

A Moment of Pure Presence

We love sitting with you this way. Our friendly and cozy way to be with you. We have words for this time of your world: Do Not Fear. We would like to instruct you to love all, each One and all things. But you find that sounding too simple. Your honesty is our guide too. So we say this: Love one thing, right now.


The brown towhee who comes every day for the seeds you toss out. That moment when you see her standing by your kitchen door, then her shiny eyes looking directly at you. Send love and appreciation to her. You notice her feathers and the subtle coloration. A moment of pure presence and quiet wonder. Yes.

The neighbor’s cat who comes walking along the top rails of the fence around your yard. A good visitor. A good neck scratch. A good moment.

The lilac bush that puts out now the top green leaves. Your anticipation of beauty and fragrance mixed with memory and hope. Another moment of appreciation and grace.

You see how it goes? Such moments throughout your day, and a few sweet instances when we kiss you in light—let these perfume your day.

You can be heart filled. You can be grateful. You can be clear and steady amidst the chaos. And from such a place of grace and caring you can take sacred action. Yes, the world needs your action, but first ground yourself in the larger natural world which is always in support of you.

Have some time without your phones and screens. Smell the fresh air after rain. Hear the wind in the trees. Notice those green shoots starting to appear. You are part of a community of Being, even in your own back yard.

Always we encourage you to look for beauty. Always you will find it. Let this be your first action. Then, with your eyes softened and your heart touched, you will be able to go out into the fray.

You are whole and filled with light naturally. We help you in every way—as you allow. It is always the right time to talk with your Angels, who love you without end.

We bless you now and always.