Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, April 8th, 2019


One More Leap- Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Mother God here dear child – open your heart to embrace the magic inside of you. For you are a magnificent and holy creature, filled with light – the heart and soul of the universe, the ever beaming light of infinite wisdom and grace, pulsates through ever cell of your being bringing awareness out into the world of form and languishing blessings of love to all who can sense it dear one. For you are not a solid being, a body, but a body of light housed in a form made from dust and transformed / animated by the light of God, the light of Source. One light beaming out into the universe in a multitude of different forms, but the essence of life remains unformed – free and flowing and glowing bright. It is up to you to capture the light, embrace it and allow it to shine through you and out into the world. You are not a human being, you are not your form, you are a conductor of light dear one. An intermediary, a conductor, a transformer, a magnificent creature, but you are not the only one. All of us, all forms of consciousness and light are visions of the Creator emanating and pulsating to the beat of life, in unity and harmony we unite our light growing brighter and more heavenly with each new light that begins to shine and join us in our quest for everlasting, joyful, pure harmonic light. It is the level of vibration that allows your light to shine – as you rise up in vibration you are able to join with higher forms of light / life – rising up in consciousness and your ability to manifest without the lower forms of darkness putting you to the test. You can rise up and out of your current circumstance.

Practice it now dear ones.

Lift your hearts up.

Fill them with love.

Focus on the harmony in the universe (uni-verse) and not the discord. So much focus on what is wrong only brings you down dear ones. Surrounding you with more of the same, time and again. Round in circles with the same tag lines. Time to lift yourselves out of the matrix of lies. It is not important each lie that has been told. It is not important all the stories of old. It is time to release yourselves from the constraints that bind you to the lower dimensions of light / to lift yourselves up and out of the matrix this time. For many times you have tried and failed but this time dear ones you are already lifted out, one more push, one more jump up to higher ground and you will be out – finally free from doubt, free from dis-ease and attachments and all the lower vibrations that currently abound. Free yourself now.

One leap, one more jump, and soon you will be free, out of the matrix and into the harmony of eternity.

With love in our hearts we watch you dear ones. Sending you strength to rise above, out of the matrix and into the harmonics above. Where all is embraced as truth dear ones.

For you are the masters of which you have been told. You have lived through the stories of old. And now it is time for you to be bold. To step into the light – you are full grown, your spirits have harvested the lessons of love and now you are allowed to join us in harmony and balance and grace. Take one more step forward, one more leap and we will now catch you – waiting for you as I speak.

For I AM your Mother Divine and I am welcoming you home tonight. Step up and out, into the land beyond time, into the sphere of heaven on earth, into the home of love – be still in the moment and listen with your heart. The sounds of the heavens reaching down to lift you up.

Blessings of peace to all, dear ones. For you are the magic and the miracles now shining forth. Allow us to help you dear ones. Allow us to help you dear ones.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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