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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 7th, 2019 Channeled


Judas Iscariot

April 7th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas and I want to wish you a peaceful Easter since it is a Holiday that is approaching for a part of the population on Earth. Easter was meant to be a holiday of joy, as it with bear witness to the resurrection and the eternal life. Unfortunately, the emphasis was placed on sorrow instead of joy. It is time to see the true purpose of Jesus’ life on Earth. The true purpose was for him to show us the path to our own resurrection – the resurrection from death to the eternal life in to the eternal life in our Lord’s pasture. Jesus tried to show us the path to our real inner self – our core of light and love. This was what he could see in each and everyone of us – this was what he wanted to convey. It was meant for you to leave all guilt behind you and bring forth your true core of light and love. Instead more guilt was put on the shoulders on top of what they were already carrying.

However, now it time to let go of the old and upon oneself and those that one meets on the path. See your brother as the light being he carries within him and do not judge according to the outer appearances that he possible surrounds himself with. The outer appearances can be a twisted image of himself. You have to see the light in all people that you encounter in order to wake up the light in them and thus also in the world. See your brother and your sister as the lights they are and do not judge there actions. We have all made mistakes in our lives that we all later had to correct so that a deeper understanding has been possible to appear of how we can handle the darkness that surrounds us. When we see the light in ourselves even if it is just for a short moment we long to see it again. It is then that our search is intensified and we are blessed to see more glimpses of light. The glimpses of bring with them a new perception of ourselves and life – a transformation of our mind has started. This is what we call an era of transformation and large part of humanity has started this journey. This is why life can be experienced as tumultuous right now. Some people will feel it more than others. Those who are starting to approach their light can see the light on Earth. They can see how it shines and glister of light and love. The encounter more loving humans and see the transformation of Earth in a positive light. They point out the light and emphasis the events that are light and happening on Earth now. Seeing the dark is starting to disappear more and more and replaced by the inner light.

It is your Christ gestalt that you are approaching now – the gestalt that Jesus demonstrated when he walked on Earth. He could only see the light and good and wanted to show you how to find it. Still today he walks among you and help you to find the light of your heart. Jesus was the role model for light and love. He is your brother who is helping you move forward now – A guardian of Light and Love. Call on him if you need help to find the light of your core. Nothing is too dark or too hard for him. His joy is in that his sisters and brothers follow him into the realm of light and love – the realm that you once left in order to try your own wings. This experience you are done with now for most of you and the light is now clamoring to be allowed in and take over your mind so that you will become healed again.

You receive help from many beings and there are many paths to follow, but the final goal is still the same and that is that you are to return to being the core of light and love that you were created to be. The door is forever open. It is just a matter of when you intend to take the step and enter. You have an opportunity now as our Dear Earth has decided to return to the light and it shines extra below your feet. Also the rays from Father/Mother God is shining a bit extra today – you are thoroughly transilluminated dear Earthlings. Wake up the bear that is sleeping and let the healing power overwhelm you. You have walked long enough now – it is time to return to your true self.

All the angels of heaven guard you and hear the smallest of calls from you. Call on them and you will feel their wings surround you.

I leave you now with much love.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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