Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Ann Albers with VIDEO, January 25th, 2020


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is without blemish in our eyes. Each one of you is nothing less than the light of the Divine formed and shaped into a precious and unique human soul, who has been given the gift of creation! You, dear ones, get to create whatever experience you like here upon the earth.

You are not fated to live a certain life. You are not fated to die a certain death. You are not fated to be with one human being or another. You make “travel plans” before you come to earth. Prior to birth, you have certain desires about how, and with whom, you wish to grow. You may have an idea of where you wish to live, what you want to do, and how/when you want to die. You create tentative agreements as to how you will dance with certain souls for the purpose of your mutual movement into greater understandings of love. However, never, are you ever, “fated” to carry out these pre-life plans.

Once you arrive on earth, the rate at which you grow, and how you choose to grow is completely dictated by your free will – by your energy, your choices, and the ways in which you choose to view yourself and life around you.

There are many reasons why you might change your pre-birth plans.

Sometimes you grow more quickly than anticipated. Perhaps you learn self-love and you no longer need painful or challenging circumstances to trigger your growth. While pre-life plans might tempt you to stay or go in a certain direction, if you’ve grown beyond the need, you will be guided towards new paths.

Sometimes the pace of growth is different between two souls and timing for their pre-birth plans is not aligned. For examples sometimes two souls agree they’ll meet and enter into an intimate dance of growth but when they meet, one remains stuck, lessons unlearned, in an unhealthy relationship while the other is free. In this case, the tug of the pre-birth plans will be felt by both, but the free one must make new choices under present circumstances.

In no case, ever must one suffer for the choices of another. One must simply make different choices. Travel plans can change.

In some cases, you may be surprised by an opportunity on the earth that was not planned. You may jump at a chance to grow in new and more exciting ways than you ever dreamed.

No matter what you planned before birth we are always trying to guide you along the path that is most kind, loving, respectful, and honoring to your spirit – the kindest one you will allow for at the time, and one that respects the light in all others around you as well.

So, when you find yourself faced with a choice, don’t worry so much about what you are “supposed to” do, and what everyone else is “supposed to do.” Instead ask a simple question: “Given how I feel, and given how life around me chooses to be at the moment, what next?” Given any constraints, what can I choose that is in my heart? What is the next most joyful choice I can make, right here, right now? The river may not be able to move the boulder but it can happily choose to travel around it in trust.

Dear ones, care for your own hearts and pick the paths that feel the kindest in a given moment. In this reality, regardless of your pre-birth plans, your joy need not be limited by the world, the politics, or the choices of those around you.

You can choose – in any given moment – to grow in joy!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels