The Angels via Ann Albers, July 20th, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have more cells in your body than there are people upon your earth. They form a vast and complex civilization. They know that their existence depends upon one another and they work for the good of the whole.

It would be absurd for the heart to say to the toenail, “I am more important than you! Without me the body would die.” If you ask anyone who has lost a toenail, being in heaven due to a failed heart is certainly easier than coping with the pain of losing the nail on earth!

Likewise it would not make any sense at all for the bone to say to the skin, “I am more important! If I break, my person is disabled for several weeks. If you break you heal more easily.” The bone knows that the skin gives it a protective barrier, is more sensitive, and therefore has to heal more quickly.

Each cell, when give the proper circulation, nerve signals, nutrients, and love, does its job to perfection. Each healthy cell contributes to the good of the whole. With or without understanding that it belongs to a glorious and miraculous body, a cell does its job without any judgment or pride. It is satisfied simply to be what it was created to be.

You, the glorious human being can learn from these tiny cells (souls) within your body. You can learn that it is sufficient to be yourself.

You can learn that if is fine to do only and always what you are lovingly impulsed to do. Sometimes you rest. Sometimes you act. Sometimes you indulge in creative visions for the future, offered by the Source in whose body you reside.

You are all – each and every one of you – cells (souls) in the body of the One who made you. You, and all creation, are the cloak of the Divine, as surely as your cells form the body that is the cloak of your soul.

Don’t let that make you feel unimportant! Each one of you has a beautiful role to play in the vast unfolding of creation. Each one of you is striving to awaken to the greater reality that you are. Each one of you plays a role for others to assist in their awakening.

So when you turn on your news or go to workplaces, or homes, and see the unevolved, the ignorant, the wounded hurting others, don’t let pride trick you into thinking you are “better” than they, for indeed you are all part of one Body of the Divine. You may have greater understanding. You may be more loving, more kind, more evolved, more healed… and yet dear ones, this does not make you better or give you license to judge. In the same circumstances, given the same history, you might act exactly as they do.

In the body a sick cell is quickly given as much assistance as possible. In your human race, the hurtful, the wounded, and the hateful are your sick cells. They need prayers and light sent their way. You don’t have to dance with them. You don’t have to have a thing to do with them on the human level, but we implore you, try not to judge, not to hate, not to condemn, because the Body of the Divine needs for you to realize you are all in this together. A sick cell needs help. A sick souls needs prayers.

If you are able to pray for those you would normally hate, or normally judge you will find great freedom in your own soul. You will feel the light and love of the source flowing through you more strongly. You will feel more like you.

Just as the physical immune system becomes stronger and wiser when exposed to certain viruses and bacteria, in the end you may just realize that these lost and darkened souls are indeed a catalyst for you to evolve into a stronger truth and a greater light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels