Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Ann Albers, November 18th, 2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

One of the questions we hear most often in heaven is, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Why do God and the angels not intervene and save people from the cruelty of others?” “Why does God not destroy those who wish to destroy others?”

These are questions worth asking because the answer will carry you beyond the world of your conditioning and into the energetic reality that governs how your universe operates.

You projected yourselves into your 3D reality because you wanted the adventure of creation. You were eager to immerse yourself in the vast diversity of life on earth. You knew that as you witnessed different things, behaviors, people, and situations, you would be inspired to create—through your focus and tuning—as never before. You knew you would call love from the intangible realms into this reality and, therefore, be part of the continuing creation of this reality. You were eager. You knew you’d have free will. Even if you chose parents who would catalyze great growth, you knew you had the free will to think what you wanted to think, focus on what you wanted to focus on, and, therefore, empower different realities.

In your 3D world, babies appear helpless. They are not yet mobile, verbal, or able to care for themselves. However, in the energetic reality, these brilliant souls are already emitting vibration, engendering reactions from life around them, and pointing their powerful love at what they wish to experience.

This begs the question, “Why are some babies born sick?” “Why are some born into unthinkable wars?” From the 3D perspective, this seems unjust, but the universe operates in a vibrational dance. Vibration does not punish and reward as you do in your human reality—vibration matches or not. A radio tuned to FM does not punish the AM signals by ignoring them. It simply cannot receive the differing signal due to its very nature. It can focus only on FM wavelengths.

So, too, there is a focus of energy in these souls coming to earth that will influence their family of origin, their circumstances, and, therefore, the experiences that transpire. The minute a soul incarnates in a physical body, they begin to emit vibration and attract what is a match. If they are born into a fearful family, it will take a great deal of focus from their soul not to fall into fear and experience fearful circumstances. They know this before they are born.

There are those among you who go to the gym to lift heavy weights. This is neither easy nor pleasant at times. However, these souls have a strong desire to become very, very strong, so the temporary pain is worth the gain to them. One could lift very gradually over a long period of time and become strong. One could visualize lifting in great detail and become strong. One could become a mother and become strong carrying their child! One could live their entire comfortably and never care about being physically strong. Each one of you would choose a different path—neither right nor wrong, simply different.

This analogy applies to souls coming to earth. Suppose you wish to create an unshakable focus on the security of God. In that case, you might choose a faithful family who acts as a role model. If you tend to worry and fret no matter what, you might face that tendency head-on by choosing a fearful family that would mirror that back and present a strong incentive for you to be different. If you wish to create more self-love, you might choose a family in which you see others love and care for themselves and follow those role models, or if you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, you might incarnate into a family that mirrors that until you, yourself, choose to remove your attention from the unloving and love yourself.

Sometimes, these souls are little angels who incarnate into families, knowing they will die with them, just to help guide the loved ones into the light. Sometimes, they go through the unthinkable to inspire compassion in the millions who will see their story on the news. Sometimes children come in with an illness as teachers weathering their challenges with amazing grace and inspiring all around them.

While immersed in 3D reality, it is difficult to understand that the eternal dance is more important to the soul than a possible, temporary experience of pain or challenge. Nonetheless, you are eternal souls. Some of you embraced challenges willingly as part of your pre-birth plans, and some of you embrace challenges that result from simply focusing too often on vibrations less than loving, that don’t feel good, to begin with.

This is why we teach, preach, and enjoin you to care about your feelings and choose thoughts that feel good. You experience more love, grace, and ease as you reach for the loving vibrations. Even if you came in determined to put yourself through challenges to incentivize the reach for love, you don’t have to continue on that path. You can reach for love now and shift out of those challenges.

The Divine gave you free will. Your angels must honor that. A parent could lock their child up in paradise to ensure a smooth and easy journey on earth, but the child would rebel. The child wants to experience life, make decisions, and expand. Likewise, the Divine could plant you in paradise, and for a while, you’d love it, but then you’d become bored. You’d want new experiences. You’d want choices and challenges. Would a child want a parent who gives them only a limited range of “safe choices?” Many of your parents tried! Did you appreciate it or seek your freedom to experience all of life?

Dear ones, life, within you and all beings and even universes, seeks expansion and growth. The Divine, your angels and soul who can truly love on earth, allows you the free will to make your own choices and experience your own outcomes. If you reach for help, we, your angels, can respond to all the loving vibrations in that request. To the degree you fear, you cannot hear. To the degree you hate, you make yourself wait for that love. To the degree you choose to look away from the pain and find the beauty in each moment, you open like a flower to eternal sunshine, love, assistance, and grace. It is always there.

So, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” You would have to examine each case individually for a specific answer, but the general answer is simple in all cases. Either they are open to the love flowing in each moment that can help them through even their chosen challenges, or they are not. Perfectly good people are hard on themselves and pinch off the flow of love, creating illness. Amazing earth angels feel they must martyr themselves instead of caring for themselves and often become silently bitter about it, thus pinching off love. Amazingly generous souls often ignore their warning signs and forge ahead with their giving even when it ceases to feel good.

We are not encouraging you to leave behind the love and goodness in your heart but rather to pay attention. When things feel good, in that moment, they are good. When they start to feel differently, make different choices.Good things happen to match good vibrations. Bad things happen when good vibrations have been sufficiently pinched off.

What you experience has nothing to do with your value or worth because you are already precious, already worthy, already encouraged by the Divine and your angels to choose a path that gives you joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels