Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Ann Albers, September 29th, 2018

I never intended for you to suffer. When I dreamt you into being, my desire was to explore the many facets of self. I was still, silent potential and I began to imagine worlds, in much the same ways you – who are created in my image and likeness energetically – do when you are little children. I imagined worlds with beings of varied races and species. As I created, and experienced, these worlds within me, I imagined even greater possibility.

I imagined a world where a diversity of these beings could live in harmony. I imagined a world where I would experience myself within the diverse population. I would give you free will. I wondered what I “as many” would create, perhaps even beyond what I “as One” could dream.

And so your worlds were born. I have lived within them, allowing them a life of their own as we discover collectively who we can be. My loving will for you is that you dream beyond what I originally imagined for you, that you dream of a love that can be expressed in a multitude of forms, that you dream of interactions within our being that are loving, kind, and inspiring.

When I see you fighting and arguing and diminishing one another within me, I know I could force you to do otherwise, but in your freedom you grow in love, and I too learn the capacity of Love’s presence within our collective being. I could force you to be happy by simply shifting my dreaming, but far kinder to allow you to learn to seek your joy for in so doing you create new worlds and new lives as well. I could control you but there would be the love in that, for I have created you and want you to explore and create even more.

The moment you dream a dream with love, I am flowing my attention and energy into that dream. The moment you pray for a kind interaction I am dreaming of the deeper harmony between you. The moment you ask to be healed, I am picturing you in the perfection I have always witnessed within you.

You are in me, and I am in you. You are my love made manifest, separated in a multitude of beings and forms, and collectively we explore all that we can become. Through your choices and dreams, you expand love’s potential. Through your prayers you call forth greater awareness.

We are not separate. My love is your love. My dreams for your joy and expansion turn into your dreams for greater expression of my love.

Whether this expression takes the form of your desire to build a house, dress a child for school, help the downtrodden, or have a fit of rage, all movements are, in their essence, working to expand our collective being into an ever increasing awareness of the love that we are.

I treasure you, dear embodiments of my love. Dream your dreams, and then relax as I guide you – gently and lovingly – towards their expression.