Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny, January 13th, 2019

Light Is Joy Made Manifest

We love you and your fine tuning. Being in our “field” is deep and calming, peaceful, soothing. Let this beautiful lovelight pour through you. You may not want to be at the Mall or the dance floor, but rather a walk in the sea air or in the forest or through a meadow or holding a baby. Pure and natural is what feels best after such time in our grace.

You are all getting ready and you know it, but are not sure exactly for what. You prepare internally by your practices, body postures, meditations, prayers, intentions. You eat with care. You drink clear water often. You sleep deeply, for there are healing journeys you participate in with the Mother and with us. Things speed up. Days are getting longer with the Sun setting later, lemon golden light upon you, the land, and the waters.

Dear children of light, we are with you. Instances of grace and perfect timing occur frequently. Your old patterns of thought, annoyances, disturbances are less, and it all happens in quiet ways. The increase in light in your body, in your cells, in your consciousness is unmistakable. Your growth is steady now. Yes, there will be waves of increase again, for this is a momentous time. You are ready. The onslaught of light is no burden. It is joy made manifest in your days. That connection to the twittering starlings, to a frisky dog, with children in the park, with a friend without saying a word. Your lives are connected and the connection is love. It is lovelight. It is heartfelt. It is who you truly are. We are with you as you grow accustomed to it—to our grace, to our blessing, to our love.

This very day be in peace with yourself, your heart, your beautiful, emerging world of light. All will be well. In the heart, all is well right now. Go in peace. Be in joy. We love you.