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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, January 15th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

January 15th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


A wave of energy has now arrived that has impacted you at the depth of your soul. You are now cleaning out the deepest layers of yourselves. You true core is now starting to emerge from layers of protective shields, that you have surrounded yourselves with to protect yourselves feeling a great vulnerability. The vulnerability does not diminish, however, from closing yourself up. It is your openness and in your true self that you are the strongest. It is when you are in your own authentic self that you show proof of your strength and your greatness. It is when they see and understand who you are, that others also dare to open themselves up to who they are, and your true friends show up and life often takes another direction. We have spoken about this before, but perhaps in other words. It is important that you dare to open up now and that you dare to be your true selves. The energy is strong and alive and does not yield until it has unlooked all doors that exist within you.

It is a liberating wind that is blowing on Earth today – A wind that sweeps away all worries and anxiety and everything that has enslaved you within yourselves. Be clear that you now want to open up your prison door and enter out in the world as an open, strong and free human, but still a human with all its vulnerability and compassion for what is happening all around you. Listen carefully to your inner needs – listen carefully to the needs of your body. Take good care of yourself and for a little while put yourself in the front room. Experience how it feels to be prioritized and loved by yourself. It is a wonderful feeling that you then want to share with other. Hug your little child and see how it grows and becomes big and strong. Feel the joy of being a strong and free human with resources that you just could guess were in there – far inside yourself.

During this time the energy is a bit turning everything inside out, as a large transformation is under way in our bodies and a new and more beautiful matrix is coming out where the old one has done its time and usefulness. For some it has already started and for others it gradually on the way. However, everybody is now facing a transition of that which they believe has been true, but is now revealing itself to only be a piece on the surface. Nobody can any longer stop this transition – it is predetermined and unavoidable. What is happening in your world now is a result of all the waves of energy that now has and continues to stream down to our Earth. Many of you have confirmed these energies both consciously and unconsciously. These energies are now working among you and impact you in a way where you most easily can adapt and receive them. They will then gradually grow in your consciousness and will give you the reward you need in order to free yourselves and become the authentic self that you came down to Earth to be. You are reborn in the same unique gestalt that you chose to be born into when you came down to Earth. A child has again been born and grown up to become its own master. These are big and fantastic things that are happening on Earth now and it is a true honor to be among you and to see how it is happening and changes every day of your life.

Have trust dear Earthlings – you are on a fantastic journey and this journey can only lead to love and songs of joy. We sing with you now and we help you to shake off all layers and shells so that you emerge in your true beautiful and authentic self. Your freedom stands at the door and it has now started and accelerated within you.

Freedom, love and compassion are watchwords that follow you now.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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