The Angels via Jenny, April 26th, 2019

With Change Comes Challenge — and Ease

We love your aliveness, dear Ones with tender hearts. That you feel is more important than only feeling good. Your feelings allow and facilitate the movement through you of great waves of energy. Old waves and old ways. You are in a very important transition right now. It cannot only be easy. There is some roughness as cellular functioning continues to change. Yes, it is changing and it is challenging.

Every time you stop, breathe, and call us in, the whole of your field softens. You come again into a living flow with no resistance, even for that moment. This is your natural state. As you become familiar with it, as you recognize what is happening, you will find and feel more ease. This is your life as it will be—this gracious ease and feeling of support. Please know these can always be with you.

Each time you cry in anguish and then call for help, you choose movement and release over stagnation and holding on. Each time, each small moment, you go for your own growth, but also you help the greater collective. When so many are running around and doing (without much success), you are sitting, crying out, and letting go. So do not rail against yourself for your feelings. In exactly this way you may take in one more breath of peace. We say, Let this continue.

It is your full consciousness that is calling you forward. There will be a time for knowing with certainty. Now within your waves of challenge you can also know a drop of calm. One more wave you survived. One more instance of emerging.

Come. Breathe again with us. Shall we go out now together into this day? Yes. We will be with you.

Always we love you.