The Arcturian Council via Angel Skog, November 25th, 2018

Masters on Earth, it is the Arcturian Council who speaks to you.

You are all masters with the ability to create your own reality, which you do every awake second of your life. Everything you think and feel is your reality. Look around masters. Yes, you are the master – everybody is a master with the same ability – the ability to choose for yourself with your own free will how you want to experience your reality. Look around masters, what do you have in your lives? Do you have abundance, joy and unconditional love – know then that you have created this yourself through the material of your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts and feelings is that – a material with which you build your third dimensional reality. These are the building blocks, so look around with the knowing that everything, exactly everything you have around you is created by you. In this way you are all masters – masters over your own lives and your experienced reality.

As the saying goes – belief can move mountains. So, believe in yourself masters – believe in your thoughts and feelings, that it creates that which you experience. Then start to consciously choose what you want to create instead of giving your non-conscious third dimensional thoughts the power to direct what you are to experience. Do you understand masters, that you are to wake up now to this thruth and start to live accordingly and in this way raise yourself to become the fantastic powerful master you all are.

With our blue light of love,

The Arcturian Council