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Wendy of the Dream Time via Karen Vivenzio, November 19th, 2018


Wendy of the Dream Time via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, you are one of many with so many questions. We strive to bring clarity and organization to your world but so many of you are facing so many infinite / perpetual struggles. There is the struggle for truth, for who to believe in and so many want to believe in someone coming to save them. The truth is all inside of you. The world around you is merely a reflection of what you want to see dear child. You see discord when you want to see harmony because there are patterns you are holding that are not allowing the full breadth of peace and harmony to flow through you. For all that you see before you flows through you before you see it out in the world dear child. You are a transformer per se – an energy conductor – and what you see is a reflection of the energy as it makes its way from heaven down through you and into the world before you. That is the act of prayer – to receive and transform the energy so that it is reflected out into the world in the way you want to see it. The reason you do not always receive what you need or want to see is because of the way you are asking and the obstacles built up from many lifetimes of learned responses that serve to block the energy as it comes through you and into the world before you.

You need to clear your energy to receive the results / responses that you want to bring forth into the world. So many of you are familiar with the concept of karma. That is the lessons and behavior from the past (or from the alternate dimensions) are carried in your being to be re-enacted over and over again. This includes the positive, the disruptive, and everything in between dear children. And many have spoken of stepping off the karmic wheel in recent years – but however you slice it, until you clear all of your conscious and subconscious programming, the wheel continues to turn albeit in other forms. So recognize the patterns that are going on in your lives right now. When the same issue keeps coming up and does not get resolved, ask yourself what is the pattern that you are continuing to show the world? Where did it originate? How can it be resolved at the root? For all the discord you see before you is simply a product / a reflection of an issue that has not yet been resolved within you. Ask what the pattern or issue is trying to teach you. Before you blame the other person or the organization or the government, ask yourself, why is this bothering you, what is the root cause of your fear or dis-ease; meditate on that please. Meditate on why you feel the need to connect with this issue or fear – what is in it for you, what is it trying to resolve for you? Maybe it is the concept of power struggle or the need to separate yourself from those in power for at one time you were abused which led to mistrust and maybe this is a conflict that is still unresolved in you. Maybe your fear of being bullied is showing up in an effort to stop bullying around you, and subconsciously you project it onto other people to show you what is longing to be resolved within you – but it will not stop until you realize the root cause is the issue that originally happened to you. These types of conflicts will continue to control you and those around you until you recognize and clear the patterns.

It is time now dear children to look within yourselves. All of the world is a reflection of you – the good, the evil, the unconscious ones too. For you are a world in yourself – all of the world is a reflection of the self. We are all one – there is no separation. That means we all have to take responsibility for all that goes on. We have to heal the world, one by one. For each of us is distorted reflection of the world at large.

Take a deep breath.

Know that you are so deeply loved.

Know that we love you as ourselves because that is what you are.

Now look at the situations around you.

See the fear and discord for what it is – a calling to your soul for healing deep within.

Step inside.

Take another deep breath.

Feel the discomfort you are living in.

See it for what it is.

What is the root.

Identify with the victim.

How are you feeling victimized? What was done to you to make you see this situation in a way that is harmful to you? Are you projecting the continuance of something that happened in your youth? Is someone standing in and taking the punishment for you / taking on the role to allow you to continue this play from your youth?

And what about the victor / the perpetrator – how do you identify with what was done to you? Are you projecting the role of perpetrator onto someone close to you to bring up the same old fears and beliefs in order to clear you of something or teach you something about what previously happened to you?

It is all personal

It is all about you

Dare to see what it is at the root. The root cause – it is nothing new, chances are it has to do with what has happened to you be it now or later or in another time and place – there is a lesson to be learned and until you learn it this circumstance will continue to repeat and repeat until you can see what it is you need to face.

We wish not to scare you off. We wish you not to blame the will of another. This is all about you and the pressure you have been under to learn all your lessons and get it done straight away, for this is the end of the play. But many of you have been successful in so many ways and yet there are still remnants of the lessons to be learned before you will embrace brighter days. But know this, we are no longer standing in your way. There are no longer any obstacles for you to do the work and clear the pathway. You are each your own lights, shining and bright, and the only obstacles left to you are those that are held deep inside. So let go of what you are still holding onto – all the burdens and fears and disasters put before you – let go and release and let the pattern step aside / dissolved in the ashes of another life, another time. Allow yourself the freedom to detach from the past and to renew with clarity the energy of the ages – refilling your cup straight from the divine – refractions of the light crystallizing and clear, straight from the Creator to your hearts my dears. Only this way will the streamers dissolve, tying you up no longer – freeing you once and for all.

So stand tall and embrace all you’ve got. You are in the last leg of the final journey dear ones. Give it all you’ve got. Stop the blame and the hate and the fear – you have only yourself to look at and make it all clear.

(This is) Wendy of the dream time and you are all Peter Pan and you are all quite blind. Opening your eyes to see yourself from the inside – what makes you want to fly? What makes you happy from deep inside? Focus on this and allow the rest to step aside, it is no longer part of your reality – fly, just fly clear and bright like the stars that shine. For you are a bright light and now is the time to shine.

In love and blessings from the dream time.

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!