The Arcturian Council via Angel Skog, November 28th, 2018

The Arcturian Council via Angel Skog

November 28th, 2018


Hello powerful Earthlings,

This is the Arcturian Council that speaks. Today we want to talk a bit more about space – the space to create your selected reality. Last time we conveyed and made you aware of you being masters and creators of your own lives and experienced reality.

For this reason it becomes very suitable to speak of the space so that this creation can take place. We ask you to become aware of and pay attention to what kind of space you have in your lives, thoughts and feelings in order for the most fantastic reality to manifest in your lives.

We ask you to start with sitting down and write down what you would like to feel, think, be and experience in your lives. And from write from it being true here and now. For example, I am free and happy, rather than I want to be free and happy. The latter creates only a reality where you experience you wanting something while the first one creates a reality where you experience it here and now. I am free and happy.

And dear Earthlings remember you have all building blocks you may need in order to manifest and create the most incredible magnificent reality you can muster.

With this being said we want you to write from your deepest dreams and wishes and remember there is no reality or wish that is wrong – not even the one you live in today. However, many of you create your reality completely from non-consciousness. Thus you use your negative thoughts and feelings to create your reality. And it becomes a reality that keeps you in the lower frequencies and gets you to experience suffering and separation.

You do not need to do this and never have had to do. Humanity and the planet or the blue jewel, which is what we call it has always had the ability to create its reality – as you know the free will is humanity’s biggest tool. What has happened is that you have forgotten what an incredible power you have even here on Earth in your physical body ships.

When you have written down your most fantastic reality we want you to sit down somewhere still, with space to raise your voice and expand your aura. When you have settled in we ask you to read from your own wish list, laud and clearly. We will stand in front of you and help you become aware of what is stopping you from experiencing this reality. So, say it laud and clearly as for instance: I live in economic abundance. I am a beautiful and independent woman. I love myself unconditionally.

Yell out that which is needed, but say it and mean it from the depth of your heart. Take a pause after each declaration and feel out in your aura what it is that is stopping you from this reality. Do situations emerge, work, relations, thoughts, feelings and fears? That which is emerging IS what you need to let go of in order to create space for this reality to become true. It is this simple.

We embrace you in our blue light.

The Arcturian Council




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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