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The Pleiadian Collective via Beatrice Madsen, November 29th, 2018

The Pleiadian Collective

November 29th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


There are many of you who wonder if one can trust the channel messages that are being put forward by the people who write down our messages and from other ascended messages.

The answer is complex, but we would like to say that what is important is that you listen with your hearts. Messages who emerges via a channel always passes through this person’s system and is colored naturally to a part by this person. However, it is so that if this person would make all of it up this person has a fantasy beyond comprehension, and you would not continue to read as it would not be sufficiently interesting.

If could see these channels at work you would see that there is a common denominator that they all work very fast. Rather faster than there own thought process would be able to produce thoughts.

Often it is so that the messages they receive can be in line with their own processes and ponderings, since it is then easier for them to pick up these thought structures that we convey.

We can liken the channeling process with the ability to play the piano. All people have the ability to learn to play piano, more or less well, but everybody can do it. Some will become virtuosos, while others play simpler pieces of melodies. Yet others spend their time on something completely different than playing the piano. Nothing is better or worse – it is just the way it is.

The people who feel secure with channeling often have done similar things in previous lives and slowly, but surely trained their ability.

We have not hidden agenda or manipulating purpose. The only thing we wish is to witness your growth and we love to see how you open your inner lotus flower and start to nourish from the spiritual planes.

Even it there is one person who steps forward and becomes the spokesperson from our side there is a whole group that stand behind and reinforces and gives energy to what is being expressed.

It is not important from which grade we come, which number o the dimension or how developed we are or the channel.

The only thing that is important is if the words you read touches your heart and your soul and what the channel writes can fit with you one day and not the next.

Dear one, absorb what you need and let the rest be. Let your heart guide you when you read channelings, as the heart is guiding you in making decision making, demands and “have to’s” and situations in the every day chaos.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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