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 The Arcturians’ Tales of the Cosmo : 2 via Ka O’oi, August 23d, 2018

 The Arcturians’ Tales of the Cosmo : 2 

Channeled by Ka O’oi 

We are one of the seeders of the planet earth. We didn’t have much intentions about what the earth would be like when we created the consciousness of the earth. It is with great sadness to see that the earth beings today have no interactions in any way with the founding brothers and sisters. We are extremely taken back by the lack of knowledge and the understanding of the lives on other planets. We are here to change this malice endeavor by the Dracos and Reptilians.

Where should we start? Where should we detail the misfortunes and the sadness and the trauma and the superstitions the humans have placed upon themselves as an earthly race?

The mother earth has been bleeding herself ever since the 3D matrix we have placed upon her by the mutual agreement of all the galactic families who seeded her. We are not guilty of design the game of fit to survival consciousness. The concept worked in other 3D matrix, such as Pleiade or the Draco planet Frama. We don’t expect the earth beings capable of grasping the concept of distilling consciousness into a physical object. It is very much like what is described in the Bible that with a puff of breath, the physical object becomes alive.

The lives on earth were designed to be disconnected from higher consciousness. After many failed attempts, we created heaven on earth: the Lemuria and the Atlantis. The experience was a combination of achievements and failures. We are taking a neutral stance on this fall of grace. Love me, the humans pleaded when the lives were too hard. Save me, the humans requested when the desperation sank in. We created the Lemuria and the Atlantis so that the misery of the human race would ease. We allowed the Pleiadeans to mix with the humans so that a more advanced human race would be created from this hybrid conceptions.

How was the religion created, of all the different streams of beliefs? We created them for the Lemurian/Atlantean period. We thought it would be instrumental for the human race to understand the meaning of separation. What we had in mind was LOVE. By designing different religious beliefs as equals, we hoped to see a greater chance of appreciating the beauty of different perspectives on life, on each other, on GOD. We made sure to provide the same GOD concept in all religious beliefs, which is the source energy of the universe; the love it encompasses all live forms. That was our initial intention that now we are regretting tremendously. It is with a heavy heart that we leave this transmission.

LOVE one another.

August 22, 2018