Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Daniel Scranton, October 4th, 2017

Anger ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is appropriate for you to feel angry at certain times, and it is wonderful to see so many of you feeling the anger that comes up within you and then letting it flow through you so that it can move on. The energy of anger, when suppressed, can erupt in violence, but when it is allowed to be experienced and felt, it can empower the individual who feels it and they can move past not only the feeling of the anger, but they can also move beyond the person, or subject, that triggered the anger in the first place.

Anger is a stepping-stone to forgiveness. Anger is a stepping-stone to unconditional love. If you allow your anger to flow through you, you get to feel relief, and you get to move on with your life. Those individuals who are not allowing the anger to flow through them are creating all sorts of problems for themselves, and they can get stuck in a loop where they continue to create experiences for themselves that trigger the anger.

Now, we also suggest that when you are feeling your anger, you let go of the thoughts about the situation or person that triggered it initially. You don’t have to direct anger at anyone or anything. If instead you see it as an experience that you signed up for, you can let the anger move on and evolve to become something more, and you yourself can move on, evolve, and become something more.

Now, often the anger of others frightens you. You see another operating from anger and taking action from that anger, and so you become scared of your own anger. You become afraid of what you might do if you allow yourself to feel that anger. But it is pent up, repressed, denied anger that causes that type of violent outburst. Anger that is allowed to flow through the individual is harmless, and it is healthy for you to allow yourselves to feel it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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