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The Arcturians via Maria, September 18

The Arcturians

Oneness and the Separation of Timelines



Oneness and the Separation of Timelines-The Arcturians.
September 18,2015

As the Incoming Catalyst Wave from Source begins its reverberation and cocreation,permeating into all the 3-D holograms, all energies and all forms of consciousness experiencing it are being transmuted at rapid pace.
Astrological alignments are ensuring all shadow energies of past experiences of BEing are seen and released. This translates by “trips down memory lane” of each souls individual life experience.

Honor each memory and pay attention to feelings associated with them, for this is the signal of the blockage in the emotional body. If there is pain associated with memory, it is a physical body blockage. If mental programming needs to be released it will show itself in form of thoughts.
Ask to access personal akashic records to fully understand the experience and soul growth reason and also to fully release all that is not in alignment with new Self.

As inner grids clear, outer grids clear as well, and vice versa, as ALL are connected.

For the human consciousness that chooses to experience this timeline shift in an unconscious life experience, in duality, blockages in the traditional chakra system will be vibrated to never before experienced levels, for rapid release.

Assist in whichever way you are guided from your Heart,your Inner Wisdom.

Support all those around you by grounding the Light into the earth grids whenever called from within to do so.The energies ground for All-to assist in each individual ascension.
Trust that the energies of healing will go where they are needed the most for the highest good of all. Sending Light to specific locations can sometimes be shaded by ego and therefore it might not be for the highest good of ALL, just for some with specific agendas.

Sharing Light with All ensures focusing energy where it is needed by Gaia and ALL upon it In this Now.

This is how service is carried out within the Law of One.

For the collective in the corridor between timelines separation, in service to Oneness of Heart, they will fully anchor and hold and vibrational match ascending timeline fully. They will also begin to see with expanded senses, due to their unified chakra system which is returning their DNA to original divine blueprint and templates. Those timelines have been fully anchored by ascension forerunners.

For the collective in the corridor between timelines separation, choosing Service to Self, still experiencing duality, they will fully anchor to vibrationally descending timelines, which will separate into its own reality of ascension through descension and separation, on a new lower density 3d hologram. Those timelines have been fully anchored by descension forerunners.

As the two timelines further separate, the veil between the two begins to solidify once again and the alternative reality of service to self continuing in the separation illusion,becomes its own, separate matrix.

All bodies, mental,physical,emotional, etheric and energetic, are in the process of rapid evolution due to ascending frequencies in all ascending and descending timelines.
The purifying process is in full swing, at its highest peak and a heading to its full potential.

*[Light body upgrades are showing for me as lightheadedness, dizziness,ringing in ears, strange sleep patterns and strange dreams. Multidimensional awareness in lucid dreaming. Rapid weigh loss and/or weight gain. Brain feels “scrambled”.Eating habits purifying to new levels.Achenes in middle of forehead as third eye abilities expand once again. Itching and rashes on skin. Inability to ground, feeling mostly “out there”, especially upon waking.]*

It is at this time that all the awakening gifts of the first runners are coming online. Last of soul retrieval memories are being recalled back to full memory. As other aspects of Self are remembered, all gifts and experiences from that Self also become available in this Oneness and Remembering timeline. All healing gifts become available to assist others in this great shift of evolution and consciousness. This is how souls heal and become one again.

From this separation of timelines, new timelines are being created to continue the process of soul expansion into this new era in human evolution.

Those who have chosen full dimensionality now have those timelines fully anchored and accessible when vibrationally matched.

All life experiences are being cleared of outside interference, returning to original blueprint. Manifestation time is becoming shorter as each individual raises their own energy signature. Periods of intense peace can be accessed with greater ease and understanding.

Rest and listen to your inner guidance regarding what your body needs to make this latest transition.Your physical body knows what it needs, LISTEN. Leave logic out of your eating habits as this moment. Honor your vessel and give thanks for the fact you are still here on this earth, physically grounding the Light, as everyday is a new opportunity to follow your Heart and Shine your Light.

All is as it should be.

Everything is Divine Perfection and Divine Timing.

Follow Your Heart, Shine Your Light.


In service from my Heart