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The Arcturians via Natalie Glasson, April 23d, 2022

Star Seed Invitation by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We come forth as a collective energy to bring to you the energies, vibrations and codes that you need and require in this moment. We wish to bring forth the Star Seed Invitation to activate sacred and ancient wisdom upon the Earth and within beings. Our purpose is to assist more beings in accessing a wisdom that they are seeking and searching for.

Do you find in this moment that you are seeking for something or maybe someone?  you may feel as if you don’t quite understand what you are seeking for or even how to discover it. Maybe you do understand what you are seeking for but accessing or discovering it seems challenging or even impossible.

As we bring forth the Star Seed Invitation, we wish to support you in gaining that which you are seeking. In accessing this energy you may complete this stage of your Ascension and move forth to new remembrance and understanding. Many souls, who extend from planets, stars, and the inner plane civilisations and are anchored into the Earth are known as Star Seeds. These souls are ancient, they hold wisdom that is sacred and essential for the remembrance of the Creator and for the Ascension journey. Many Star Seeds can be dormant upon the Earth. They do not know that they are Star Seeds and that they carry such valuable wisdom or information. They may not know that it is time to distribute the information and wisdom in a way that is appropriate for them. Even if a Star Seed knows they are a Star Seed and that they have wisdom to share, they may find it challenging to do so.

As we the Arcturians bring forth the Star Seed Invitation, we are sharing a specific crystalline energy to support and invite the souls of Star Seeds, especially those upon the Earth to begin to activate their Star Seed original energy. As they begin to activate their Star Seed original energy, so the necessary and appropriate wisdom will come to the surface of their mind, being, and the consciousness of humanity. Like a pink smoke or cloud drifting into the consciousness of humanity from each Star Seed thus everyone will be able to access this ancient wisdom even if they are not Star Seeds. The information and wisdom is available to all. Those that activate the wisdom and knowledge within their being, this original Star Seed energy will hold the power, the truth and the connection to share this wisdom through their own being, whether it is through words, music, art, movement, energetic transfer, or healing. Star Seeds upon the Earth will begin to activate and are being invited to reconnect with this energy to bring it into embodiment within their being and reality, therefore sharing it with the world and the consciousness of humanity.

There is something that every being upon the Earth is seeking and it may be something different for each person. The wisdom coming forth, will complete that seeking process. It will be important to recognise what you are seeking and its completion. Sometimes things are only completed at an energetic level and not a physical level. An example of this could be that you are seeking a sacred space to express your truth in and that maybe you feel that this is a new home for you. As you seek the new home and are unable to find it, you may realise that the completion of this process is actually you receiving or activating the sacred energy and creating that sacred space where you are now. It could be that the home you are seeking or feel that is needed might not be necessary, or it might come at a later stage. The energetic reality maybe what is important.


It is important to realise that manifestation occurs on the energetic and physical level, sometimes it does not manifest on the physical in the way that you imagine. It is important to recognise what you are seeking and what your soul is seeking. In other moments your soul will continue to seek other energies and experiences, but in this very moment, what is your soul seeking? If you understand this, then as we achieve the Star Seed Invitation. You will receive the energy that is needed to complete this seeking. This may or may not manifest in your reality. First, it will need to be experienced within your being. You can benefit from this activation, whether you are a Star Seed or not. If you are not a Star Seed, you will still receive the energy to complete your seeking. You will receive it from those that are Star Seeds.

First, we invite you to recognise what your being is seeking in this moment, then we invite you to call forth us the Arcturians  to begin the Star Seed Invitation Activation with you. We will come forth and deliver our energy to you and we invite you to receive this energy. We will deliver it to all upon the Earth and all beings. As you receive you may experience insights, we are either activating the Star Seed energy within your being or within the world so that you may benefit from it. With this wisdom will flow answers you are seeking, energy and truth as well. We simply invite you to sit and receive this energy. Receive it for as long as feels appropriate. You may need to receive it many times. You are assisting the entire Earth in activating the Star Seed wisdom. The original energy of the Star Seeds. You will know when the process is complete, you will discover insights or knowingness in response to your seeking. When you experience this, whether you understand it or not, we invite you to breathe it into the Earth, across the entire world and into the consciousness of humanity. You may find that other seeking’s come up as well and that you need to achieve this practice several times. It is for you to follow your intuition and inner guidance.

It is time to dissolve the seeking and accept the completeness and wholeness of your being and your Ascension.

We are present to serve you, we thank you,

We are the Arcturians