Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, April 23d, 2022

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you awaken, take a moment to ask yourself this question: “What is one thing I can do today to add more love to the world?” Perhaps you can smile and make eye contact with a stranger. Perhaps you can pray for the world for a minute or two. Perhaps you can hold your cup of tea with reverence and appreciate the miraculous chain of events and people that brought this beverage to your table.

Perhaps you can forgive someone, or be kind to another. Perhaps you can make a choice to be gentler with yourself. There are countless ways, both great and small, to add a little more love to this world, and in so doing, you make the world a better place and feel like you are in a better place within it.

Every time you contribute love in any way – be it thought, word, or deed, you will feel your connection to the Source of all love.

Every time you look at someone or something, including yourself, with appreciation, you feel the appreciation of the Divine looking through your eyes with a reverence for creation.

Every time you speak kindly, you merge with streams of love flowing to your planet and become an ambassador of love and ann architect for a future era of peace.

Each time you choose to add a little more love to the world you connect with the Source of all love, and you will feel more like yourself – the real you –  than ever before.

If you make adding a little more love to the world a game or a new habit, you will find your own life improving on a daily basis. Challenge yourself as you go through your day to add a little more love to life. Ask yourself periodically, ” How can I add a little more love to the world right here, right now?” Before you go to bed, acknowledge yourself for all the ways you added a little more love to the world. “I kissed my puppy. I cleaned and organized my junk drawer. I honored my own spirit by ____, and fill in the blanks. I was kind in traffic…”

You would be surprised dear ones to see how much love you truly DO add to the world every day. Some day, from the heavens, you will see this in your life review and you will see also the beautiful heart and light that you brought to life. If you like, by consciously choosing to add a little more love to life on a daily basis, you will see the amazing and powerful soul that you truly are… for there is only one true power. There is only one thing that lasts.

That power, that eternal vibration is, of course, love. See if you can add a little more to life each day and life will reflect that back to you in so many magical and wonderful ways.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels