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The Ashtar Command via Karen Vivenzio, January 14th, 2020


The Ashtar Command via Karen Vivenzio

This is a message from Ashtar Command. In the coming days you will see activity in your skies increasing – quelching the fires of doubt and fear, disclosure is near. But it will not happen with troops on the ground, messages will be sent through voice and sound. Those who can hear will know the truth, for we are already around you and have been since your youth. For legions have stayed with you on the ground, in many shapes and forms, the spirit is housed. For we are all spirits, in human form or not, and aliens are just a plot to make you feel different but the truth is you are not – we are all from the same Creator, the same source of light – we feel things very differently than the troops on the ground, but we share the same future through thought, words, and sound.

Open your hearts to the blessings pouring down. The rainstorms of energy emerging from the dark clouds. For the clouds are now clearing, skies become clear, the air is resolving the mysteries there. Many truths to come out will shake your foundation of the earth you have known since incubation. But our friends are surrounding you with strength and love and together we will lift you up, into a higher awareness, a new state of being, you will wonder and find the pieces soon fit together. The puzzle of life is being put into place, resolving the final stage. All is set in motion, so be at peace, for the one thing you have noticed is the coming change.

You can feel it in your bones, in the purging of late – of old emotions and patterns rising up and then to quickly dissipate. For there is no more space for fear and hate. The weapons being neutralized, sealing your fate – walking into a land without hate, without judgement, it is not too late. All is proceeding through master plan, at the higher octaves we are waiting for you to understand. All is for one and one is for all – no matter the form you take, your spirit will shine, breaking the chains of fear and anger that bind – releasing the bondages and filling with love. That is the spirit (holy spirit) filling you up. She is with you strong and true, go deep within and let her talk to you. For the spirit is love, light and sound are the mediums used to draw the crowds. Be not fooled by false appearances dear ones, for there the fall of the illusion will come as surprise, allow your hearts to guide you – go deep inside, see how it feels before you react and know that the blessings behind the stacks / stacks of paper 3 feet thick, blessing is buried underneath it.

The news will tell you one story and yet, you will feel very different. All is well, keep your eye on the ball. Life is fun after all.

The Command is here, controlling the show, allow the feelings of love to flow. For that is what makes you human dear ones, the capacity to love and to heal and to keep moving up in understanding and spirit, with grace you are bestowed. We are the captains and you are our mates. Opening the gates for truth to flow in – allowing the changing of the guard to take place, receiving heaven on earth – allowing it into your space.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author:EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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