Love is our new reality

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The Company of Heaven via Zane Morgan, July 6th, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones, we are the Company of Heaven, and we wish to share some ways and means with you, to assist with the current virus circumventing the globe.

First of all, for those of you who are not aware of who we are, we are a collective of Ascended Masters, Angels and Galactic’s who hold and share a similar vibration, so we speak to you today as One consciousness, One BEing, made of many, just as you yourselves are.

So firstly, we will start by saying that yes, the Corona Virus is indeed a real virus that is circulating your planet. Yes, people will get sick and people will die, but those that are Ill or passing on, know that this was to be, before they incarnated this time around. So, what we wish to share with those of you who are guided to this message, is a way and means to assist with the negative impact this virus is having world-wide. We will not go into detail about what this virus is or where it came from, as that is irrelevant. Do not waste your energy getting caught up in the who, what, where, when and why’s of this virus, for that does not serve you, nor the Earth and her peoples. To over analyse is to lower your vibration. So, we say, unless you are being directly affected by this virus, do your best to stay away from the news and other mainstream media tools.

We wish for you to do a short, yet powerful exercise, to help counter the negative effect this virus is having. When we say negative, we refer to the negative energetic effect it is having on so many. For people are falling into the fear trap that it is causing, and it is therefore lowering their vibration and along with it, their immune system.

We wish you to begin by calling forth our energy, call on us, the Company of Heaven, to be with you in this moment. Call upon all your team in Spirit and anyone you work with, to be in your presence and to assist in this process.

Now, see a beautiful pink light coming down from above you… See how bright and brilliant it shines.

Feel it coming down into your energy field and entering your crown… See and feel it filling your body.. A beautiful pink light, full of brilliant sparkles… Bright, powerful and nurturing… Take a moment to let this fill your body, focusing on the brilliance of its colour and how calming and soothing it feels within your Being. Some of you may feel a strong energy and this is fine, it just means you are bringing this through very strongly.

See it now as it goes out your feet… Travelling deep down into the Earth, going right down into Gaia’s Pink Heart Centre.. Take a moment now to see and feel it anchoring into her core, into her heart…

Once you feel you have anchored this light, see it coming back up through the Earth, through your feet, up through your body and out the top of your head, connecting back to the portal it came through, your Soul Star Chakra.

Now that you have anchored this light, see it radiate out of your BEing and saturate the entire area you are in… The more detailed your vision the more potent it’s effects… See it going through the people and places around you… It is weaving and merging with all that is around you, this beautiful bright pink light, filled with all sorts of sparkles, what ever colour sparkles you see… These sparkles are us dear ones, we are with you through this process…

Once you feel you have covered your area, see it cover your country, following the same process as above until you are satisfied… Once you have covered your country, cover the world dear ones… Light the world up in a bright pink fire… A beautiful bright pink.. Blazing away any negativity, anything of a lower vibration.. Light it up dear ones..

YOU are the Creators of this reality, so YOU can transmute that which is of a lower vibration.. See the Mothers Flame burning across the globe, see it purifying those who are in fear, distress or panic… See this nurture all those in these lower vibrations… For it is the Mother that is being supressed in this final attempt, to stop your movement forward… It is the feminine energy that they wish to halt, but you will not let them, we will not let them..

All is bright pink fire dear ones and if you wish, merge this with the Violet Flame, so you have two fires burning, two lights burning across the globe.. Hold this vision dear ones, ask and intend that it will be sent where it is needed most. You may see a location or a person that needs it, think it and it shall be so! Do not limit yourself in what you are able to accomplish, what you can achieve, just by a simple thought, for you are the Creator! You are the Ones creating here on Earth.

You can counter this virus quite simply dear ones, you ARE powerful, ALL of you, no One is more or less powerful than another, you just have different roles. Some of you are Guardians of the Earth, some Keepers of the Earth Records, and most of you originate from distant planets and solar systems, bringing with you the required energies of your main system. Use your skills you have honed over lifetimes and simply create a cure for this madness those nefarious ones have engineered. Create a sea of light that simply washes it away! The more powerful your belief that this is truth, that what we tell you is truth, then the easier and quicker you can remove this current situation from your planet. NEVER doubt yourselves dear ones, for doubt only seeks to limit you. You ARE the Creator, so use the creative energy within you to create a planet free from this virus and free from the negative aspects it holds. All is washing away with your assistance.

We are helping all of you who read these words and all of those who are assisting in other ways. Remember, it is fear that holds this process back, it is fear that lets this virus run amok on your planet, so move away from fear and send light to those who are stuck in it. All is well dear ones, all is as it should be and nothing, we mean NOTHING can hold back your evolution, your shift in consciousness and your vision of a better world for all.

Stay with this vision, this exercise as long as you need, and please, use it as often as you feel guided to. You can simply go about your day whilst holding this vision and intention, you do not need to be still and silent, although, it intensifies if you are, but you do not need to be, you are all multidimensional BEings so begin to create from that BEing you are, do not limit yourself dear ones. You ALL have the power, the will and the love to shift so much in so little time. We are all with you, supporting you in this task and the many others you go about.

We are the Company of Heaven and you have our unconditional love and support.