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The Dragon Company via Kerstin Eriksson, July 4th, 2020

Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Dragon Council; Activation of starseeds!

We are, I am a part of the Dragon Council!
I am a dragon and I am very old!
You are like my children, that I care a lot about!
Wave after wave of awakenings are happening throughout the Universe.
Not only on Earth starseeds are awakening now!
I will talk of the awakening on Earth today!

We have had our council for eons of time, and we are very sure this time that now you are prepared for the new incoming upgrade, that will enhance your development into a being that are embracing the soul of Earth!

You already know from this channel´s sources that Mother Earth has her own soul and her own capacity to know everyone of you! She even walks beside you just as God does!

We the dragons are prepared to fully help you on your life´s journey on earth!

Those that are awakening now are suddenly feeling that something is changing for them!
Their awakening happens in a faster way, than it did 20 years ago, and more.

The awakenings are happening faster and faster and sometimes the starseed can be confused!
We are here to ease this, through our channels that are working for us since a long time back!

I am a Dragon and I am very old!
I am a vegan!
For me all living beings have a soul!
Life is sacred to me!
I know what you go through in your life,
I know about all your struggles and pain and heartache.

And I also know what you dream about, I know of your joy and faith, hope and love!

So I say to you, just have faith in me,

I love you

Mother of the Sun Dragons

(This is a channeling with The Mother of Sun Dragons 2020-07-04 via Kerstin Eriksson on, or