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The Cosmic Council of Light – the War In Ukraine, April 5th, 2022

A Message for the World: The War in Ukraine

The world is aghast at the actions of one man against innocent people of his own race. The war in Ukraine, heralded but not believed until it happened, is a war crime so horrific that it has left the world’s powers at a loss as what to do. What good can possibly come from an attack that could spark a nuclear catastrophe and bring the world closer to the brink of destruction?

The actions of Putin are those of a madman, as were those of Hitler in World War 2. In fact, there are many similarities between the two men and the holocaustic nature of their actions.  That aside, there is much to be lost in this situation, if one were to view it solely from a physical, third dimensional view. In an etheric sense, however, there is much more to this situation than is visible to the human eye or consciousness.

Acts against the free will and rights of others immediately invoke spiritual laws that will bring consequences to the soul path of the instigators, no matter the consequences enforced or otherwise by humans. As one can accumulate a police record for crimes and misdemeanours on Earth, so it is that the soul also has records of every event in their human lives written in their Akashic records. The accumulation of karma is there to be repaid and the method and means is decided within the soul family, so any death or other serious consequence that occurs for a person is actually known to them on a soul level.

The war in Ukraine is a culmination of centuries of a reign of terror by an unseen organisation that has been at the root of many crimes against civilisation. This force is powerful, corrupt and entirely devoid of any empathy or emotion. The one goal is for total control and domination of the energy resources of the world. There are many names for these forces whose members both walk amongst you and manipulate from the other side of the veil. Suffice to say, the veil has been growing thinner and their sinister activities are no longer going unnoticed, nor is their level of control what it was. Karma and a raft of other spiritual laws are also catching up with them and their domination and rule is coming to an end. This has led to a ‘ramping up’ of their activities that have, in the short term, caused havoc, mayhem, confusion and many innocent deaths in a series of global calamities, acts of violence and blatant injustices. However, the louder they rage the more vulnerable they become, leading to their exposure and ultimate downfalls, which is and has been occurring for several years now.

The war in Ukraine is not just exposing the protagonist, it is also exposing those leaders whose actions defy the promises they have made and previous words that have been spoken. By light of day they are advocates for justice, peace and a better life, but in the shadows they care only for their own agendas. They are leaders in the highest echelons of global society whose loyalties are grossly miscommunicated to hide the ugliness of their reality.

There are many soul contracts now playing out upon Earth in which intervention is forbidden, and the situation in Ukraine is one of them. However, be assured that we are helping those who have asked for help and sending our assistance where we can where permission has been granted. Those souls who have been lost without agenda will be saved with your prayers, and their onward soul journey will be the much better for it.

Be all of this as it may, we are sure many of you are watching the news every night feeling helpless as you watch the plight of innocent civilians and the acts of terror that are being ruthlessly administered with no provocation or valid reason. What can you do in the face of might so arrogant and fierce who has brought Ukraine and its allies to its knees?

Believe, Dear Hearts! Believe in the truth of the Universe that only love is real and that, when you intend to send love and light to the innocent people who are suffering, to nature, to the world at large, that the effect of doing so is more powerful than you can ever imagine. Believe that, when you ask for help it is always given but it may come in the most unexpected ways. Believe in the power of your own thoughts and dreams that are heard by the Universe and manifested by your trust and unwavering faith.

Join the movement of Lightworkers, Wayshowers and reincarnated Masters who are holding the energy for the angelic realm, the Cosmic Council and Interplanetary Galactic forces who are magnifying every positive intention, every loving thought and every meditative prayer, strengthening the golden energy of ascension that envelops the Earth and that has infiltrated the dark matrix, weakening its grip to the point of no return. YOU individually and collectively are the conductors of our energy when you ask, receive and send love with intention and unwavering focus.

Here is a meditation for you to engage in that is peaceful, non-interventionist and that will assist the Earth’s plight enormously. Please be aware that those who have chosen a different path cannot be saved and their choice must be respected, even if it cannot be comprehended.

Meditation to Raise the Energies of the Earth to the Fifth Dimension

Close your eyes and take three breaths to relax and centre your energy. Feel yourself present in the chair and your feet grounded to Mother Earth. Hold the intention that your energy be connected to and protected by the unconditional love of the Creator and feel the change in vibration as this energy enters your crown and surrounds you like a cloak. Breathe slowly in and out to a count of four or six and clear your mind.

We now call in Archangels Metatron and Michael, the masters Jesus and Lord Melchizedek to be with us to assist in this energy healing for the Earth. If you cannot see or feel them, trust that they are now with you. We also command that this energy cleanse and heal the Human Collective Consciousness, dissolve any threads of intervention upon innocent souls and balance elemental energy upon the Earth. Command that this healing be performed in the highest and best way for the greater good but also for your highest and best, keeping your energy protected from detection or intervention in anyway. End this command with the decree, “And so it is.”

Hold out your left hand and allow Metatron to place a hologram of the Earth’s globe within your palm. Hold out your right hand and allow Lord Melchizedek to draw three ascension symbols within it that will raise the Earth’s energy and vibrations to align with the Universal Sacred Triad. This healing energy is for any soul whose higher self accepts it for their own healing. At the same time, Jesus begins to draw a golden infinity sign through you and Archangel Michael holds his flaming sword of truth aloft. As you bring your right hand over your left, send love and the energy streaming from these masters into the world and see, feel or visualise a deep cleansing and healing taking place. When you feel it is done, ask the masters to ground, cleanse and break your energy from the Earth.

You may begin to feel a shift in your own consciousness and energy levels after each meditation. The physical body can take a little while to adjust to the sharp rise in light vibration that has entered the energy fields. Persevere, Dear Hearts, as this energy is very much needed at this time. You can, however, ask us for help to balance, ground and adjust your own energy fields if you feel discomfort or experience disequilibrium.

WE ARE The Cosmic Council of Light.