Love is our new reality

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The Council of Radiant Light via Ailia Mira, January 3d

Ailia Mira ~ Council of Radiant Light ~ Experiencing unconditional Love


Channeled by Ailia Mira

Dear Hearts,

We hope you are feeling good today. We hope you are deciding more and more often that you’re going to care about how you feel and choose to orient to life in ways that feel good. Today we want to share with you about how you might feel the richness of what you love in life and how you can allow yourself, by choosing how you use your present moment focus, to be unconditionally loving.

Let us begin by saying that it is easy for us to see you expressing as very creative and powerful beings in your embodiment. We see it all the time.

It’s easy for us to see you as powerful, creative beings of light and love. It’s less easy for you to orient to this because typically you spend a lot of your time focused on what you think needs to be created, what isn’t to your liking, what hasn’t happened yet and what’s wrong with what you have created or are experiencing.

Consider that for a moment.

Those ways of focusing generate a downward spiral of momentum. Momentum can feel delicious in all ways, but to focus in these ways is to explore limitation and to know separation from all that you are.

We are here to remind you that there are other options in this game and to invite you to know yourself as unconditional love, expressing as divine light.

For most humans, in embodiment, there is a tendency to take for granted and become complacent about what is really going well in life. Most human beings don’t often bask in their own self appreciation. Most of you don’t really celebrate that everything you experience demonstrates your creative powers and how amazing and powerful you are. The reason for this, is that more often than not you’re thinking about what you don’t like or what you don’t yet have. Yet all of what is your experience is malleable with your focus.

Today we want to help you break out of limiting ways of relating to your experience and explain why shifting as we suggest, will benefit you.

We begin with this: what you do love already, sincerely, what you do like already, sincerely, is the most empowering aspect of your manifest life to focus on and this focus liberates unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a state of sovereign alignment with the vaster you. You often think of unconditional love as seeing life through the eyes of All That Is. That works for us too.

In your daily lives, unconditional love is often viewed as a distant, unrealistic state of being and as such, not really an aim.

What is the aim for human beings is happiness. To want happiness is natural, and we encourage that you create happy lives of expanding fun and all the stuff you enjoy. To be happy actually serves you in knowing unconditional love! Win-win!

Unconditional love is also natural and far easier than you may have imagined.

Although you are used to thinking that focusing upon what’s not working and placing your effort and attention there, and trying to create what you want is how you improve things, very often this is so far from the truth.

When you place your focus on what isn’t working, it’s really hard for you to be in a pure vibration of sovereign alignment. It’s hard for you to stay in alignment when you’re looking at what’s wrong with things. What will elevate your life and improve your experience even though it seems counterintuitive to how you’ve lived, is to pay attention to what you already like, what already is working, and let the alignment of that deliver to you more and more of the kinds of experiences that bring you joy and happiness.

When you’re in a state of noticing what is going your way, appreciating life authentically, that frequency liberates your capacity to receive more things that feel equally delicious to you. Your life is meant to be easy, joyful and deliberately creative. You are meant to shine forth as the beautiful being you are and feel love and joy flowing through you, in abundance.

Unless you’re still wanting to explore limitation, you don’t need to work really hard at trying to get what you want, or in order to feel and be unconditional in your loving.

For most of you there is a process when you start to think and work at and look at what’s wrong…about your experience and it would benefit you to unlearn the tendency to try so hard to make things happen. You can replace this way of living by intentionally choosing a different way. You don’t have to clear anything you can just generate momentum in a new direction.

Today we want to invite you to consider that your life can be about expression – true, authentic, aligned, sovereign expression, rather than exploring limitation.

Divine Expression is the leading edge experience of being human.

We invite you to realize you’ve already created a lot – both before you came here and in response to everything you’re experiencing. You continually, energetically emit your preferences and desires; it’s unending!

If you were to focus on feeling better and letting more of what you’ve already shaped through your focus be realized in your life, you would have more fun. If you were to focus on learning how to let yourself be the receiver you innately are, you will have feel really good – fulfilled, clear, energetic, abundant, so many good feelings come from this upward spiral.

When you’re in alignment you are innately open to receive. The way your life will feel easy and good to you, and the way you will remember and know who you truly are and feel the freedom of that, is to focus more on what you do like. What you sincerely like, authentically, easily and already like.

So beloved friends we to change your life from limitation to divine expression, put your attention on what you love. Pay attention to what is working. Energize and amplify the things in your life you already like.

It’s so easy to do this.

Take advantage of what you love and get more out of it! Enjoy these experiences and thoughts and feelings more. Savor them more. Know that in doing so, you are allowing yourself to have more experiences about which you feel no ambivalence.

Make it your business to be aware of all the things in your life that are working. Make it your business to be aware of all the things in your life that are good and all the things in your life that are improving. Notice these things. Notice them. Pay attention to them. Reflect upon them, and bask in the appreciation of these things. Remind yourself of them and that you’re creating and receiving these experiences through your alignment and focus. If you do this you will be amazed at how different you feel. You will be in the ascending current and experiencing the upward spiral of embodiment! You will be increasingly in a state of unconditional love.

You cannot help but see and have feelings about the situations and circumstances in your life. The question is, what are you focused upon within the realm of things that show up?

There are a lot of options for what you tune into and what you think about and what you pay attention to. We ask you, can you tune to a perception of your life experience that helps you get more of what you want? Aren’t there different viewpoints, in fact many of them, about each and every circumstance and situation? Absolutely.

Choosing the viewpoint that is focused upon what you like, what gives you joy, what amuses you even, seeing the best parts of each situation and circumstance, is how you can use these experiences to not only feel good in the present but to let more of what you want manifest. You can only let in the experiences that you resonate with. All of you have already asked for lots and lots of things. You’ve sent a very clear order to creation about what you want to experience.

Expect your life to get more wonderful. Expect your day, when you wake up, to be full of wonderful things. Invite yourself to consider what wonderful things might show up today. We invite you to plan on having good feelings each day and to plan each day when you get up on having really, really fun, amusing, wonderful, playful moments in your day if those are the kind of feelings you prefer. We ask you, why not?

Why not approach your day expecting to feel good, expecting to feel happy, expecting things to go your way? Practicing these thoughts. THIS is how to live and feel joy! We are here to remind you of it, because joy is where it’s at. Joy is alignment. Joy is being cooperative with your life, cooperative with the co-creation you are engendering to manifest with your vaster self and All That Is.

All That Is, is delivering to you what you’re resonate with. You’ve made many, many, many assertions about what you’d like, and now it’s time. It’s time to let more of that in and to turn your focus to the upward spiral of experience.

Throughout your life you’ve made your preferences known by everything you’ve paid attention to. Anything you’ve paid attention to generously and recently is active, active in your vibration. Your life and your attention are inclusive, creative tools. Inclusive meaning everything you’ve generously paid attention to, is an active vibration within your life and can show up in your life. Anything, whether it was actively saying, “No, no, no. I hate this,” or actively saying, “Yes, yes, yes. I love this.” You can’t say no to things when you’re paying attention to them with dislike. The only way to let these vibrations become less active is to pay more attention to other things and let the energy die down.

When you pay attention to what you love, when you pay attention to what’s already getting better, what’s already the way you like it, what you are easy about, you amplify those kind of things and quite naturally, at the same time, you’re withdrawing attention for what’s not working, and you’re amplifying what is working. Can you see the kind of momentum that will create in your experience?

In your life you have the possibility of experiencing the things you’ve activated with your attention. When you are energizing your day by expecting wonderful stuff to happen to you, and wondering what kind of wonderful stuff will happen, and noticing what’s already going well, and noticing what’s improving, more stuff for you to appreciate and feel that way about will come forth into your experience. Of course you’ll know when this happens because the first indication of this is your alignment with your feeling state. Your feeling states will show you that you’re in alignment. When you’re feeling good and appreciating what you love, you already feel good.

When you are feeling good and you focus on what you appreciate and love, you feel even better. Then you feel even better if you realize something more that you’d like and you think about it with joy. When you’re doing this, you’re creating new pathways! You’re creating new pathways for your energy to flow and your experience to unfold. These are literal timelines which you can connect to when you are in resonance with these expressions. That occurs when you are in accord with them vibrationally. Because everything in your experience is about energetic resonance, energy matching energy, everything. The more you know this and the more, therefore, you create your present energy state to your liking, the more your life experiences will be to your liking.

This means, often, not paying much attention to things that are right in front of you. This seems like a potentially risky thing to do, but it’s actually powerfully creative! You’re choosing to notice what you love, easily and effortlessly and to be a presence of unconditional love and appreciation and to let the light within you flow forth in expanded and amplified ways. How beautiful is that?

Today we encourage you to spend the rest of this day looking for what you love throughout your day. Look for what you love, look for what you love, look for what’s working, look for what makes you smile, think the things that give you pleasure, and care about the way you feel.

How you feel is always showing you how in sync you are with the vaster you. The vaster you – your soul – is your connection with All That Is and when you’re in alignment with your soul, you are fulfilled and alive! Radiant and clear. It’s a joy ride!

When you’re feeling good and you’re experiencing alignment with the vaster you, you are in your knowing. You are in your knowing. Worries and concerns about things are not really in your awareness. Because in your alignment you’re experiencing the conscious of the wholeness that you are. In that state of experience, choosing to look at what you easily, effortlessly love, you are choosing to be unconditional love.

That’s it! That’s how you get there – you tune to that alignment with the vaster you, using the feelings as your compass. Can you see how fabulous this is? You feel good, you are innately noticing what gives you joy, you are feeling love flow through you and your presence is a light to the whole world.

Love has come to a new level of expression in your world, because of this beautiful shift that we’re reflecting back to you. The more you care enough about you, to care about how you feel, the more you empower the light within you to shine forth as the love you inherently are.

All is well beloveds. You are here and you are free and you are eternal. This is such a beautiful co-creation we are experiencing together through your embodiment.

We celebrate you!

We are complete. We are the Council of Radiant Light