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The Council via Ron Head, June 13th, 2018

The Council – Retuning

A great number of you are experiencing what appears to be a ceasing, or an interruption, of your communication with your guides, teachers, and high selves, what this channel has named The Council. We would speak to this now in order to remove your discomfort.

You have asked repeatedly, have you not, that your level of communication be expanded, be raised, be improved? Now, it is not that what is happening is of exactly that nature. It is more that your energy fields are being raised to a higher vibration by your efforts and your consequent influence upon each other. This is being caused, and in a major way abetted, by the increasingly higher vibrational field into which your entire star system is moving.

There is a cyclical movement that many are aware of and that has been anticipated by some. But, in addition there are certain emanations that are approaching your system that are already beginning to have a salubrious effect on everything in their path.

This means that every energy field will be changed. All consciousness will rise. And you will not truly begin to understand that until you realize that all is energy and therefore all is conscious. This is having, and will continue to have, the effect of creating changes within and around you that have historically been considered to be impossible.

Many have spoken of, written about, and ‘taught’, that the internal changes, the changes to your own consciousness would be miraculous. Please consider that a miracle is only an effect for which the cause is not known. Since the cause is being explained, we will say that this is no miracle.

Your consciousness is entering a vibrational rate that will have you becoming aware of a great deal that you have not been aware of in your known past. Many that are having this experience are in fear of it. Please do not be.

We know that almost all of you have had dreadful experiences in past lives caused by the attempted stamping out of these kinds of awareness. This will no longer be the case. There is nothing to fear. How can your own mind be something to fear?

Fear itself, however, will do its very best to keep you under its ‘control’. This is true both individually and collectively. Perhaps it will help to understand the individual through seeing it in the collective, it being so obvious there.

Let  us return to the subject of your connection with us. You are, perhaps, going through a short period of having to retune your radio. Our broadcast, our frequency, has not changed. But yours has. Understand, please, that there is really nothing that you must do to correct this other than to hold the intent that your connection remain unbroken. Of course, if you wish to do meditations, etc., to align more closely, no harm will be done. But we very much wish you to know that nothing ‘wrong’ has been done by you. We did not go away. We have never ceased our loving guidance.

Please take into account, also, the many wonderful new things that are happening in your lives. For those of you who see no change, let us assure you that one or two years from now your lives will be so different that you may have a difficult time remembering what today was like. Your own responses to the happenings in your lives will be so different as to surprise even you.

Once again returning to your alignment with us, all you need do is to hold that alignment in your hearts. Value it. Know that it is, in fact, expanding and improving. What is improving, actually, is your awareness. There can be no disconnect between two parts of a whole. We are one.

Creator’s love to you. It is your right. It is, in truth, your being.


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