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Are You Listening? – The Council

are you listeningAre You Listening? – The Council

We speak today to those who wish to become more aware of us, of this council, and most importantly, of their higher selves. We say most importantly because your own higher self is your connection to everything that is not in your physical dream. Your physical dream will all pass at some point. These higher planes will not. So we know that it would behoove you to begin becoming more aware of this connection now instead of waiting for it to be thrust upon you by your ‘birth’ into these other dimensions when your physical vehicle has reached its ‘sell by’ date.

Now there are a great many of you who have no daily meditation practice. You have in mind a vision of a person dedicated to spending hours, days, and years in a physical position that you cannot reach, contemplating their navel, and seeing and hearing miraculous things. You have no time for that.

We would like to make a small correction to that picture, if we may. There are as many different methods to do what is required as there are individuals. What Is really important in the picture is that the person, and they are only persons just like you, is reflecting on their inner reality. They are basically listening. They are making the connection we spoke of in the first paragraph.

Can you do this while you are sitting in your comfortable chair? Can you do it while you are gardening? Can you do it while you are fishing, or golfing, or sewing? Of course you can.

There are a great many things that would be of help. Breathing patterns, diet, digital recordings to control brain waves, etc. Are any of these necessary? No. What is necessary is that you be still and listen. You can be still while you are walking in the woods. The stillness we speak of is a deep listening to what your Self is saying, is feeling. But before you can know that, you need to be fully aware of what you are currently feeling. You need to be aware of what your inner chatter is bombarding you with.

Now you have likely heard that you need to shut this off. You’ve tried and it just keeps chattering. Well, now that you are aware of it. Why not just turn your attention aside to those deep, deep feelings that they are covering up? You do that all the time in your outer world, do you not?

Start asking your Higher Self some questions and listen/feel for the answers. “Self, if we, you and I, could make one small change right now, what would you like us to do?” “How do you feel about our life right now?” “How do you feel about my efforts to _______ ?” “I have been told that I need to love myself. I’d like to begin by loving You.”

Just listen. Just feel. You will doubtless come up with many, many other things to ask and to say. But get the conversation started. It is a conversation that you have been conditioned to ignore. It is a conversation that, if you persist, will change your life. And it will change it in all the ways that will make you the happiest. There is no one in this entire universe that is more interested in your happiness than You.

When this begins to happen, you will soon discover that you have made the connection with something far greater than even your Highest Self, because that Self is the direct connection to your Source.

We have one final comment for you. When you are connected, if you wish to stay connected, make efforts to put what you receive into use in your life. Don’t file it away for a better time. Use it. It will grow.

Good day. Blessings and love to you.


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