Love is our new reality

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The Creator Divine via Karen Vivenzio, September, 2018


Breaking Free From Illusion and Fear -The Creator Divine via Karen Vivenzio

We are almost there

Breaking free from illusion and fear

Into the brightness of holiness and grace

Into the smiles upon sweet angels’ face

Enveloped in love and embraced by good will

The journey has been long and arduous, and still

So many are here to fill you with joy

The arms of the angels flying your way

Surrounding and protecting the sparkles of light known as you

Getting ready for a brand new day

A brand new way of living and loving and shining bright light

Open your hearts and your minds

To the Infinite Light

The Creator Divine is shining now bright

Filling you full with your own divine white light

Opening the portal to a new way of life

Step now forward into the light

Across the threshold

Light burning bright

Glowing in the aftermath of such a glorious sight

The Earth is renewed

Grace is restored

This is the beginning of Heaven on Earth

  • The Creator Divine