Hel via Ann Dahlberg, September 4th, 2018


Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am the goddess of the underworld. I am Hel. Many know me as the one who will receive those that have not managed to rise up to Heaven, that which you call the abode of the lost ones. I have carried sorrow with many souls and I have shed many tears in order to liberate you from the sorrow that many carry inside them. It is a sorrow and now it is time to let go of it and liberate your world.

I have held up Mother Earth’s true structure, so that she one day would be able to return to the true light being that she is inside. Mother Earth has now together with me and many others started to activate these structures. She has started her return to the light. You also have done so dear humanity. In your bodies there are similar structures and they have also started their activation process.

I am your karmic mother. I have bandaged you up and helped you understand how to liberate yourselves from the karma that you yourselves have created. It has not always been an easy task, but my love for you has always been filled to the rim and for each time that one of you managed to liberate yourself from your karma my heart has flipped over from joy. A victory for you is a large victory for me. I love the Earth and all its inhabitants and my gratefulness and joy that Earth now has started its journey of light is indescribable. For each portal that you help me and Earth open up, so that the light can flow out and into the Earth, you give me true and indescribable joy. There are many light portals that now are lighting up to the higher dimension of light.

Today the light is spreading around the Earth and you are part of this dear humanity. Your karma is now slowly burning in the light and ever less remains on Earth. We are at the juncture of history where everything is being completed. We have gone one more turn around and have now decided to return to our origin. We are all children of the light and it is to the light that we return. It is the love that is burning in our hearts and we long to become a unit again, to live in peace, harmony and love. We have fought bravely to reach this point and now we are finally here. We have overcome the dark side of ourselves and can take new steps in harmony and freedom with our soul and all the experiences that our lives have given us. It is a great victory, dear children on Earth.

It was a large challenge, but collectively you have succeeded with conquering your own inner darkness. Congratulate each other and take each other’s’ hands as it is together that you make a big difference. It is together that you can hold up the new matrix as you have activated many light structures on your Earth. I am with you and encourage you the whole time to find new light structures that need activation. My work is to jointly with Mother Earth, other light being and you dear children on Earth to again activate Mother Earth’s energy structure of light.

I love you so much and your tears are also my tears. Your joy is also my joy. Everything you feel I also feel.

The time is now for Earth to rise up into the light and joy I feel I cannot be found in the world you live in. The last karmic droplets are now in the process of leaving your world and then what remain are just joy, light and love for you to live from. It is true joy, true joy and a time of light that is waiting for you dear children on Earth.

I and all the beings, who exist around you and Earth, carry you now all the way forward. Love has many wings.

I feel such great love for you / Hel




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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