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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, February 12th, 2018

Easing Your Way into Your Power ∞The Creators

So there is no mistaking that there has been a shift that has taken place within your reality, and it is ongoing. You will find that there will not be one particular event that will make you all realize what has already happened. But instead, you will notice the ways in which you are changing the way in which you approach your lives.

So as you have already seen, there have been many advances in your technology that have made your lives much easier. It is now a much easier path for you to move around from place to place, and to get information, and to communicate with one another. So that is one way in which you can see that everything in your experience keeps getting easier.

And when you desire to take a break from all of that technology and tune in to your self, your own power, you will see that see that the vibration of ease is now more readily accessible to you. The ideas now are not so foreign to you as they once were.

So moving around with ease, and getting whatever information with ease, and communicating with ease, these are things now that you have taken for granted. And now that you have the outer technology giving you these easy pathways, you can more readily access that ease without the technology, without needing your phone, your computer, your airplane, your vehicle.

You can simply find the frequency and take yourself there, or give another information, receive information, and as you are able to do these things, you will say that life continues to get easier because now you don’t need to lug anything around and plug it in, power it up, fuel it up.

You can simply do it yourself. So the more you can do for yourself, the more powerful you feel. The powerful you feel, the more you do for yourself. Until, before you know it, you are living lives of freedom and excitement and taking everything in your world to new heights.

You are the creators, and you will continue to create the new universe that you are opening up to and exploring with your consciousness. So allow yourselves the chance to make little changes to your lives that will demonstrate to you how easy life can be. And practice – practice the frequency of ease so that you will enjoy more and more of this beautiful, wonderful, ever-expanding Universe that you are a part of and a creator.”