Love is our new reality

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Lemurian Collective via Genoveva Coyle, February 10th, 2018


You are the indwelling spirit, you are the ascended self in form and in action right here and right now. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest! We are the Lemurians and we come to you today as a collective, to greet and to assist you in these times of shifting and intense transformation. We come in joy and we come in a celebratory spirit, we come in love.

And isn’t it quite funny to have an “old and ancient” part of thee coming to talk about your “future and new” thee? We believe it is, but as you know there is no time, there is no other, there is only now and one.

And we are here to talk to you about stretching time, about stopping time and, even more, stepping into one so you can better understand how to shift permanently into that wonderful New You that is in physical form, walking, talking and living on planet Earth in these times of awakening and transformation.

All of you here reading and listening to this message have had many experiences when you heard, saw, and felt the truth through the senses of the New You. And more often than not you doubted yourselves, and then waited for more signs and clues to confirm and to clarify. And that is perfectly normal and understandable as long as you wish to continue to open up and perceive more of the reality, more of who and what is being presented to thee at this time.

You still have remnant fears and self-doubt in yourselves about your ability to deal with other unloving situations, and feel that you would not know or have the power to offer any assistance when they arise. Let go of all of these unfounded worries and let us take all of them from you in this moment. You do have the wisdom and the knowing to rise above any situation and to respond appropriately.

You have been asked to listen, to open your hearts and truly listen with your whole being, and this is what you are doing. And you know that others are waiting for your response, for your wise advice and guidance. And this is where you seem to have a little difficulty and that is because you are trying too hard, you see. The new way is not a difficult and arduous way. The advice and novel teaching are free flowing and easy to follow.

You all have had times when your soul was talking easily through you, when the answer came softly, gently and with humor. You all had these experiences when you said exactly what the other was needing to hear. The other one was suddenly uplifted, you witnessed the heart opening, the glowing eyes and the smiles on their faces, and that clear understanding of the truth conveyed to them. You knew you were speaking to their soul and heart.

And you wonder how can you be and do the same in the future. How can you follow this path at all times without having to get into heavy arguments while attempting to break through the heart walls of loved ones, or as you see the lost look in the eyes of a friend, a client, or a patient that can’t seem to get what you are saying or follow your line of thought.

And here we are saying to thee that it is easy to sit in the moment and in your heart. It is easy to ask your self to come through and assist in the best way possible, and then to say and do whatever is flowing through you. You are the indwelling spirit, you are the ascended self in form and in action right here and right now. There is no one else but the New You talking and acting with ease and grace.

Take your time if you need, pause and stretch the time. See and feel when you are allowing dense thoughts to flow in an attempt to convince, cajole, condemn, or criticize, even if at a subtle level, in a way that the other one doesn’t want to hear. Feel when judgment comes through and any of the other heavy emotions that are felt in your tummy and solar plexus and let them go because you know now that these are of the old ways and they were never helpful to anyone.

You see, all you have to do is ask, and then to let go of the heavy and arduous ways of being! Be light and joy, be love and fun, be the magnificent you in every single moment!

We love you, we are always with you, for we are one!


By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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