Love is our new reality

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The Light Brigade Collective via Losha, February 12th, 2018

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you. We call our collective of diverse species, the Light Brigade Collective (at least, for purposes of this message).

We are primarily made up of advanced races, from the 9th dimension and beyond. We have been silent for the most part, as we were tasked with primarily helping to oversee humanity’s spiritual development. We will first make sure to say, right up front, that all of you courageous humans have been an inspiration to us all!

So many of you have been tasked with very difficult and challenging circumstances in this pivotal Lifetime, and we are so proud to see how you have accepted those challenges head-on, and even asked for more! Your lights shine very brightly, Beautiful Ones!

Let us bring up a slightly different topic, if we may, at this time. You all are aware of the very turbulent and chaotic events which are happening in your “holographic” dimension, right now – we call it holographic because it is an illusion, or a better word might be “surreal”.

Either way we are here to talk about what is underneath all of the surreality.

When something feels surreal, it feels untrue, does it not? The word untrue or non-truth, is a very accurate description of your current world events, we would say. We think most who are reading this message, would also agree with that sentiment.

So then, what lies underneath this surreality? Well, we would call it Truth…or Light…or Love. It truly does not matter what word is used – the most important aspect to be conveyed is that all of Life, is made up of this very important Energy – and it is this Energy, that nourishes Gaia, and all of the plants and animals, and every human Being.

When we are watching Humanity from our starry vantage point, we see a beautiful vortex of Light Energy, emanating from Gaia, spanning all of her continents – and it is most glorious!

And this wonderous Light vortex, is composed of you…and you…and you! Each of you contribute to the ascension of Gaia, which includes all of humanity, the plants and animals, and all other souls.

So, as you go about your “humdrum” day in your surreal world, try to remember that you are also contributing to the betterment of mankind, the evolution of Gaia, and the turning of a page, to a grand and glorious future for all! Now, that is not so humdrum, is it? We would think not!

We respectfully thank you for listening to us at this time, and we hope to be able to speak with you once more. We honor you and send you Love and Light, Beautiful Ones. Until we meet again.

The Light Brigade Collective.


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