The Creators via Daniel Scranton, May 7th, 2019

Desire Sparks the Journey ∞The Creators

Desire Sparks the Journey ∞The Creators

“The adventure begins with any desire that you hold. It is, fundamentally, the beginning of all that you are and all that you ever experience. There must be a desire — a desire to move forward, a desire to be, a desire to understand, and have the experience of oneself, for there are only possibilities for more. That is all there is for you to step into.

We have been telling you about your nature as beings of love and light and joy and wisdom, and we will acknowledge that part of your journey is the experience of yourself as those things. But it is really that you want to experience reality as those things in a variety of different ways. So you need to have the desire to expand and the desire to move into a new experience.

Putting aside all prejudice, all fears, all reluctance, any idea at all of yourself as less-than, for these will not be a part of that journey. These experiences cannot be brought with you on your path. You must lighten your load in order to ascend, in order to continue on this magical journey that is your expansion, your integration. It is a beautiful thing to observe you as you go forth into that which is unknown by you and to follow your feelings towards the next adventure.

They always ask us about the future, because there is so much that is unknown to you. And we want you to trust in a way that we can only liken to jumping out of an airplane and just knowing that everything will be all right and enjoying the ride, enjoying every aspect, so that you bring more with you when you land on your feet in the new world, the whole and complete you that you are so determined to be.”

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