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The Divine Mother via JoyfulChristie, January 3, 2022

The Divine Mother via JoyfulChristie | January 3, 2022

Direct Channel from The Divine Mother through JoyfulChristie on 1/3/2022


I’ve been asked by the Divine Mother to work on a special project. She’s directed me to compile a guide, a series of channelled messages directly from her for all her Lightworkers.

There’s an urgency to her first message here as she asks us to prepare to meet the challenges ahead after much that has been hidden is revealed. I’ll share additional messages as I receive them.

~In Joy


Hello Dear Ones

At this time I would like to ask that any and all resistance that you might carry within you to this task be released as it will only prolong or interfere with what we wish to accomplish and we have a great deal to get done in a short period of time.

My main concern is for the lightworker community. I do not feel there is an adequate guide [i.e., instructions] prepared for you all to know how to move forward after all that is to be revealed. I wish to offer support and advance training for those of you on the ground who will be assisting your fellow Gaians.

I would begin by saying within each of you there burns a light so bright, so pure. And never has there been a time more important that you step in to the knowledge, the full knowledge of your light.

What is to come will be very difficult for a time for the majority of those remaining on the planet.

Reach deeply now, deeply, ever more deeply into your connection with the One, and I ask you to pull into your consciousness the idea of my personal guidance in each and every contact you have with another person. I want you to step into each moment where you come across any person and you must begin in each moment to live from your light, your blessing pulsing that light everywhere you go.

I give you the image of a fire that has gone out and the ashes are still warm and you know deeply within yourself that there is still a spark somewhere to be found in those ashes. By bringing your light and your light blessing to each and every experience you have with those on the planet, you are fanning those ashes, looking for that spark, gently breathing the breath of your divinity over the coals or the sparks of your fellow Gaians.

And sometimes you will accomplish this with your words; sometimes you will accomplish this by sending your light out directly to that person in the grocery line or at the gas station, just sending them the breath of your divinity, the memory that you carry within you, sharing your light knowledge and offering comfort, sparking peace and community within the collective.

I ask each of you to begin doing this moment by moment and picture the grid of light emanating from each of you that will strengthen in connection and spread out all over the planet – a roadmap of light leading to each and every one of you- to and from each and every one of you.

Many of you are not sure what to focus on during this pivotal time and I wish to prepare you for what is to come. I urge you to step into this work- it is extremely timely.

Begin now by offering energetic support in every interchange you have with every single Gaian that you meet. Let go of every other thought except building that pool, that reservoir of deeply refreshing and healing love, my love, the Mother’s Love.

Each and every time in each moment that you seed this love in your communities, in your interchanges in every transaction, be it energetic, personal, or spiritual, you are adding to that collective pool or reservoir that will be available for healing after the shock that is to come.

I join with you now in offering this divine love from my heart to all on the planet.

You are my lightworkers

You are my Way-showers

You are those that have come to Light the Way.

It is time.

Step into the knowingness that you brought with you.

The moment by moment seeding of my love consciousness is upon you: For this you came to the planet, for this pivotal moment in history. I now invoke the Crystaline codes that call forth this deeply-held understanding of my intention for your work, your lightwork on the planet at this time. Deeply within you I have seeded coding and divine understanding of the pure love energy that you must now bring up and send out every moment of your day using your love breath to fan the sparks of all your fellow Gaians’ hearts.

I offer you blessings as you begin this focused work for me.