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The Divine Mother via Linda Li, March 15th, 2018

The Divine Mother ~ The Universal Laws of the Great Cosmos

By Linda Li, 03/15/2018

Dear heart, I am your Divine Mother. Yes, the landing has been postponed for the time being. We want a successful landing. But due to technical reasons, Divine and the company of heaven, were not able to land successfully. So, we decided not to try till later date. 
But, we did implement a brand new system for humanity to follow. In this new system, Divine is going to be the ruler of the planet and its occupants. All beings on the planet will have to listen to Divine’s call and summons and decrees. All the planets and planet earth will have to follow what we have to say in terms of the collective ascension. That is the law and that law is going to be effective immediately. 
The reason I bring this law to the forefront is because the planet right now is literally a lawless place. All beings who come to the planet have a say and no one should, or even try, because according to the laws of the great Cosmos, any conscious being is supposed to follow the laws of cosmos, not just that, they also have to follow the laws of the planet they reside in. But on the planet earth, there is no such thing called laws. Laws are man made to serve certain group of souls. Not all men are equal, and that has to change. So, that is why I brought the laws here for humanity to follow. Humanity may have a different view of how these laws are being used and whether humanity should follow cosmic laws because this planet has been lawless for so long, and it is normal for the beings here to live without laws, not mentioning respect the laws and follow these laws. Those lawless days are over. The days without cosmic laws are over and change is long overdue. 
Humans need to learn that there are greater laws in place, and they need to act according to these laws. That is a mandate and effective on the New Year’s Day of 2018. From this point on, the laws of the great Cosmos will be fully effective on the planet, and the planet herself needs some laws, too, so that the beings on the planet know how to conduct themselves, respect the Divine laws and respect each other. This is one thing we need to follow from this point on.
The other thing I bring here, to the planet, is the love of the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. I have witnessed over and over how disrespectful the beings are toward their Divine Mother. These days are over. Any being on the planet who shows any disrespect to me, their Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation, will be held responsible based on what they did, and how they acted. If it is severe, their soul contract will be in jeopardy. The worst case scenario is that that soul will be removed, either from the planet or even forever. That is the law. Be careful, don’t tread on the laws. It is at work. 
In terms of how these are going to be implemented, and how this implementation will impact the human life, I would say, the impact is going to be pronounced. And all beings will be impacted. In order for ascension to go smooth, we have to establish a system which works for every one, not just the privileged, but to every soul on the planet. And the laws of the cosmos will do just that, respect every being, and every being needs to respect the laws, equally. These laws are also equally applying to every being on the planet. No one can be spared from the laws. So, tread carefully I would say, otherwise, your soul may be in jeopardy. All souls should be treated equally, including the animal kingdom. To harm For no reason is no longer allowed, including harm to the animals and plants. The planet is back to its original design. All things are equal. No one is above the Divine laws, including the ones who treat themselves above the laws. There is no such being on the planet is so privileged, and designed above the great laws of the great Cosmos. That is my message. Tread carefully. If you don’t know the laws, study them but be careful. From day one, there are going to be millions who treat the laws carefully. And of course, there are also souls who don’t give much attention to Divine laws. My advice to those souls is to listen to thy heart if you want to continue the experiment on the planet. Don’t break the law. Otherwise, you may find yourself being sent home, that is the lighter punishment. The worst ones will be eliminated all together. So, listen carefully and walk gently. Now is different.
The old ways are over. The new has dawned. The planet has entered a brand new era. The Cosmic laws have come in to play. All beings are affected. All of you. It doesn’t matter what you are, or how you got here. It is for all. All have to follow the laws of the cosmos, and all are subject to the consequences of breaking the Divine laws. It is my order, and it is being sent out to all corners of the great cosmos. So it is.

Image by Jean Luc