Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation via Blossom Goodchild, March 17th, 2018

Good morning. I have been feeling very lightheaded this morning and yet, unsure whether or not this is just the insane weather changes or, the Higher Energies coming in … or … did you want to actually ‘speak through me’ which you haven’t done in quite a while?

Indeed it is the latter and with much urgency.

(I wanted to remove the ‘with much urgency’ … yet, that would not be right or indeed fitting!)

Oh Far out! Here we go then … I‘ll get the recording gear ready.

Here is what they had to say .




The Transcript for this message.

Greetings to all souls who take the time to listen to this valuable recording. Valuable in the sense that we desire to put the minds at rest, regarding all possible scenarios and, regarding The Event … that is spreading around your internet like wild fire … would we say.

Dearest souls … firstly be not a feared. Remove ALL notions of fear based mentality. For, when indeed this Event … arrives/occurs … you will recognise instantly that there is no need whatsoever to feel afraid.

The Love, the Divine Love that will wash over you and enter into your Beings will remove any fears instantaneously. Questions you have must be removed. For this Event is not about inquiring about this, that and the other and the ‘what if’s and buts’.


Many times before we have said you were chosen because you volunteered and you are the ‘Strongest of the Strong’.

You came here to see this happening through to the other side. What will take place on the other side is yet another question. We care to reiterate that the Highest Purest Energy of Love … Love that you have never experienced within your physicality until this time that is approaching,  shall take care of all concerns.

We have spoken of each having an envelope within their Beings and the time when they are activated, shall allow the ‘KNOWINGS’ of what each soul has within their purpose, to assist those who are confused and dazed.

Breathing, breathing deeply now, during and after, will balance your imbalances. For, you shall feel different … but in a way of Beauty and Peace. So what is there to fear about that, once you have let all questions disappear?

How long have so many desired for this to take place? Many have feelings in the past of wanting to be removed from their position upon the Planet, for the darker Energies can take hold and bring one down, and yet, we repeat, are you not the Strongest of the Strong? There is much reason to stay. Much reason to remain grounded and fulfil your inner destinies.

Your biggest question is the when? When shall this take place?

Our answer … OUR answer to you, would be that when the time arrives there shall be preparational signals … preparational signs of many kinds. We would say absurd rainbows in your skies … Electrical differences …Weather changes that are out of sorts from the normal. All will feel out of sorts from the normal … including your ‘Beings.’

Dearest souls … as excitement builds,  we ask that you take charge of your emotions and let not all that you hear, all that you encounter upon different aspects of this Event, that is given via your computer, let them not confuse that which is Truth within your Being.

Ask yourselves how you are feeling?

The vessel, the lady of Blossom, that we are speaking through, is saying to us that she is indeed confused and bewildered. For she is feeling heightened Energies without question and yet also, is concerned that this ‘hype’ as she calls it and this excitement and necessity to naturally breathe in a deeper form, is happening because of … eh … of  … the … you call them ‘emails’. And perhaps their information there in, is making her wrapped up within all that is being given out?


We cannot put a marker on a defined date of your calendar. For you are aware there is no time in the space that we reside within. Therefore, we ask that you take note of firstly, your build up within self … of change and Higher Energies and expectancies … and then … the noticing of unimaginable changes in the outer perimeters … as in skies, weather etc. that we have already mentioned.

Have you not waited for change on a scale beyond thought? Change … is happening now within you. Preparing you, and it has been doing for many of your years. And ‘the time’, we quote the words ‘the time’ is coming, when we would say, one receives more than just the ‘icing on the cake.’

Continue on expectantly … in/as/through/of … the Love that you are.

Visualise … imagine … but most of all … FEEL these Purer Energies entering through , to your Planet and in through, to your Beings.

Visualise also, all Beings upon your Planet holding hands and breathing as ONE.

We come from a Higher place. Take charge of your senses. Claim your POWER.

Know that you are Love … And within this knowing … all is well. THAT is all you need to know. Be in Joy … for that which is to come … comes from the Highest … Blessing each one in Love … in thanks … in service… and so it is.

(I then talk for a bit … which I do not feel needs they transcript).


Links to channellings etc about THE EVENT from Blossom.


and a perfect time to re introduce THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ‘S wisdom on Love. httpss://

take the words deeply into your heart , and BREATHE!!

Many thanks.


Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers‘ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

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