Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, March 17th, 2018

Message from the Angels

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Our channel asked us to say something that felt “festive” in light of the holiday that so many of you celebrate today! So in honor of her wishes we’ll talk about “luck! “

You talk about lucky pennies, lucky charms, Lady luck, the Luck of the Irish! You say you feel lucky, or you’ve had an unlucky streak. In reality dear ones, luck comes to those who look for it and those who believe in it.

The entire universe is in a beautiful and harmonious vibrational dance. You will always se,e mirrored back to you in the external world, what you consciously and unconsciously project. That bothers some of you because consciously you project very good intentions, but unconsciously you may be harboring beliefs to the contrary. You may consciously want to be lucky, but unconscious you believe “others have all the luck,” or “I never get lucky,” or “luck only comes to those who wait.”

What you call luck – things that show up in your life with no effort on your part – is really simply the law of cause and effect.

So if you want to be lucky, have a little fun with it. Find yourselves a stone, or a coin, or a charm, a piece of jewelry, a piece of paper, a photo, or really anything at all that you can carry with you. Make sure you like the way it looks and feels.

Now declare with us:

“This is my lucky charm. I – the Divine presence within me – grant it the power to raise my vibration! Whenever I carry it, look at it our touch it, my energy will go up. I’ll feel better! I’ll attract goodness in my life! This little charm is now my lucky charm, not because it has any power in and of itself, but because I am granting it power through my willing intent!”

Then, play along with us. Every time something good happens to you when you’re carrying your lucky charm, say to yourself, “Oh yes! I have my lucky charm! It helps me raise my vibration! No wonder this good thing happened.”

You will, in effect, be creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy of luck!

Now if you lose your little charm, does that mean your luck disappears?
Not at all, because you were, are and always will be the power behind your own luck. It is through your belief in goodness, that you find more. It is through your belief in good luck, that you attract more.

Play with the energies this week. Create your own little “lucky charm,” knowing all the while that it is your intent and belief that make” Lady luck”, a rather predictable and cooperative little girl!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels