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The Dragon People of Maldek via Aslög Bergman February 12, 2017

The Dragon People of Maldek

via Aslög Bergman

February 12, 2017


We are with you, every day and in every moment. There is no need for you ever to doubt this.

The time is fast approaching when you will see great wonders.

These changes are happening both above and below. It is like turning a big rock that for a very long time has been lying in the same spot. It has burrowed itself a hole and it has firmly grounded itself there.

Now it will be turned upside down and everything that has been lying underneath it will be exposed.

You believe that you have everything “under control”, that your rocks are lying firmly in their holes. But now you will see how these holes are exposing their contents. All that comes out from underneath your rocks will be like revelations for you. It will all be new and exciting and amazing. Sometimes it can be a bit scary not to know what will be exposed, but you will see that it all soon will settle down and you will feel an acceptance of everything that seemed to be impossible to even imagine.

When your “rocks” start rolling, please don´t get scared. They cannot crush you. You just take a step aside and you will see what shows up under the rocks. You will feel great joy, because there will be good news. Most of the news is good. And those not so good you can just let go of and let them pass.

The rocks are now starting to move and you can hear them from afar. That is when you know you will get ready. Don´t be afraid, just get ready.

This is the beginning of the New Age. We are greeting you from the New Age and we are waiting for you. Soon you will get here and we will get together in joy.

All that is happening is in alignment with what needs to happen. It is expected. We have been waiting for a long time.

We are your People, The Dragon People of Maldek.