Love is our new reality

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The Dragon via Brian, May 28th

This is the Dragon,

We’re going to use the concept of Ascension in a colloquial sense, not a literal one. What we mean is that, as we have said before, ascension happens continually. When you go sing in the shower, and your energy vibration increases due to your mental state, you’re ascending. When you hug your grandson and think about what a wonderful gift he is to the world, you’re ascending. A day later you could get misunderstood and ridiculed and get into a temporary state of depression. You’re descending. Your vibration goes up and down constantly within the relative boundaries of what’s “appropriate” and possible for a spirit within a human body, and sometimes you go even outside of that, breaking boundaries, even if momentarily.

However, there is a colloquial sense of ascension being a personal and humanity-wide event of growing in vibration in a more permanent sense, and that humankind being one of many groups of beings that are doing / have done this. There is nothing wrong with that definition either. Within vibrational bundles of energies, there’s always smaller bundles and vice-versa, so in fact it is viewing a macro event within humanity and with an anticipation based on a knowing-ness of the potentials that may occur because growth is infinite.

However, we want to make sure that you all understand that using this latter definition of ascension, you are not “heading towards an ascension”. You are actually in the midst of the ascension process, and it has been going on for centuries and is picking up pace now considerably, especially in the last fifty years and even faster in the last thirty years, and it continues to pick up pace. In the process, the whole core of humanity’s vibration is increasing, and the upper bounds of what people can individually achieve increases as well. Also, ascension never stops. There’s always more. You’re either all-that-is, or there’s always more. You can always be all-that-is. It’s always accessible. Since you are all-that-is underneath it all. But if you choose to be less than all-that-is – or pretend to be less depending how you perceive it – then there’s always more you can integrate.

Many of you have been very patient waiting for humanity to catch up. There is no ultimate reward for this patience, nor is this patience a necessity for ascension. It doesn’t have to be, but it is, and that’s how it is. It is a good learning experience, sure. It can be frustrating for those who are not constantly experiencing the beauty of the end result, which as veiled beings is the state of things. You can feel what’s coming, but you are not in it at the levels of your bodies. That’s a perfectly normal part of the process. You have a lot of programming to undo in a reality where things happen very slowly, and that doesn’t happen overnight typically.

Compound that by the fact that this feeling is so strong because you’ve been through this in similar but slightly different ways. Almost everyone on Earth has. As we have said in the past, part of the goal is to do it better, faster. But you feel the glory of other ascensions you partook in all over the universe and for those of you that don’t have personal experiences in your soul’s personal akash, you still have the blending with all the others who have, and the oneness of all-that-is, so past ascension is ultimately an experience that everyone shares.

That longing can make it even tougher to be patient. You’re “Here”. You want to be “There”.

To add to that, through the sort of “extension” of your present life that some of you will experience, which we haven’t discussed yet, you may even see your future self when you gain more of who you are, when you are much deeper into the ascension.

Furthermore, through the feeling you get through your soul, it all seems like this should be happening much much faster. It can seem like an injustice that it’s going so slowly. “How can it take an entire lifetime to get through this?” It just seems wrong. It seems unfair. Yell it out, the universe understands and it will even help clear things out and help you personally move faster. So take a second to yell out how unfair it is that it’s taking so long. Release it, now move on. You still have a lot to do.

There is a channeling about the contradiction of the feeling of how fast ascension. It’s a good read to understand the cause of this frustration a little more. There’s no judgement for that feeling. It’s part of being human, and although you are more than human you are human too. Infinite patience doesn’t come naturally for limited beings. In fact, extreme patience is one of the hardest things to learn, and it’s never expected of anyone.

And that’s what’s incredible. You are all incredibly advanced beings playing in human bodies. Yet, you still have something you can learn, even if nothing else. You can still learn patience.

Enough with that, however.

The reinforcement of being patient is not why you came here. It’s an interesting side effect.

So let’s pick this up a notch and talk about the fact that there is plenty coming that will – well let’s not say reward – but what will definitely make the patience worth it. We don’t like the word reward because the patience is not necessary to bring about the change. It’s definitely helpful because it allows you to give everyone time to grow at their own pace… However, the transformation could be instantaneous too. It’s just not.

You are heading towards being an enhanced version of being human. So enhanced that you can’t imagine. You have movies, about incredibly gifted human beings with super powers. That IS your future. No, it won’t be the same, since society will have adjusted to allow and work with this enhanced human being, so it won’t be like one enhanced human among billions of regular humans. However, it will still seem like a magical experience. Especially so since those of you who are alive now, many of you, will remember this life. And don’t be distraught by us saying this… Many of you will eventually pass on, but it will not be without the dreams being met. It will be for a continuation of what you are doing now in a new, younger, body and your memory intact. Some of you alive now will be immortal. Your bodies will resist but they will accomplish it. Yet, that is not necessary and it is in fact much more difficult (yet has its benefits).

But for most of you, you will come back as if you are continuing your present life. Sure, you’ll feel a little different. You’ll have different body genetics. Your gifts – both in body and psychic – will change and you may pull some of that ability back since you’ve worked with it so much in this life but you’ll be different. Yet, in a lot of ways, you’ll be the same person. Your science does not understand how much of who you are comes from the soul. In a life where you intend to block or veil a lot of who you are, that may not be the case. However, in your present lives, you strive to bring in as much of your genuine self as you can. So when people look at you, they are seeing more of your soul than in most of your other lives.

And in the next one, they’ll see even more.


You hear about these crystal children coming, a term. It represents a new kind of human. Some have come, but most had to adjust their energy to the so-called indigo energy. That was never easy.. But the flood of crystal children has not started yet. You hear that when you gain more compassion and become “softer” and adults gain more of who they are you’ll start see them coming en-masse. You hear that it will be relatively soon.

The older of you reading this especially: WHO DO YOU THINK THESE CRYSTAL CHILDREN ARE?

For those of you who had parents that rejected everything esoteric. Do you think you are so much different than your parents? Or do you think you benefited from coming at a different time? Perhaps your parents even did things to give you the luxury to explore things they couldn’t. Do you understand how soul groups work?

So, think about the crystal children coming. They are benefiting from a different time too. Will they be that much different than YOU? Or…


They will be!

Ascension is a slow process in a reality like yours. It took the Plaeidians about a million years (obviously converted to your perception of time) to go from where you are to where you plan to go. A lot of that being further evolution of their bodies to facilitate it and ground it, which you will be skipping. So, considering it will take you just a few more generations to be pretty much there – without the help of a more evolved body until you just “flip the switch” – you should be extremely extremely excited! The beauty of what is to come can never be denied. There have been some growing pains, and there are more to come. However, it IS coming.

As we’ve said before: The timing is up to you… However, even with the present pace most of you do not have to wait until the next life to start seeing some of the fruits of your labor. If you look hard enough, you can already see many of them. However, they will become much more obvious in the coming years. Your current year, 2016, actually plants a lot of seeds and the signs of discontent are rising to the surface. What you all do with that will show how profound the events in the remaining parts of your lifetime will be. Some of it will be glorious for those of you who are here long enough. We can guarantee it. For those that aren’t, you’ll just be skipping ahead, so it’s perfect either way.

Yet, as we’ve said, many of you will eventually pass on. And we need to speak to that. We don’t think many of you fear it, but we do pick up a sense of disappointment some of you may feel about that imminent event, some being closer to it than others…

For those coming close to it, perhaps the biggest comforting thing we can say, beyond the typical fact of being with loved ones again even for a moment, is that you will be coming back to something much closer to what you’re hoping for. So you can see this life as a building one where you planted the seeds to come back and enjoy the fruits of all that.

However, for those who will be around a lot longer… Decades more… We know many of you are tired. We know the thought of decades more is a lot to think about. However, what we can say is that for those of you who will be here a lot longer in your present life, the experience of old age will not be the same for most of you as the experience you have been conditioned to believe from the past. Most of you will be able to slowly de-condition yourself to that and society will slowly stretch to accommodate it, and the coming crystal children will amplify that energy for those of you who will be around enough to witness that wave (and even participate in it as crystal adults). So you will experience a much more vibrant old age than most people experience. You will just light up. So the future is not something to look forward to with apprehension. Instead, it is something to embrace.

With Love,
The Dragon

Channelled by : Brian, the dragon