Love is our new reality

The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, January 30th, 2017

Hello Offworlders! First of all let me say that the topic I’d like to talk about is not because I am depressed. I’m not. Yet, sometimes … and I have heard others express this also, everything seems a little bit pointless! I KNOW we are here to Love and raise the Vibration of ourselves and The Planet, yet STILL … the everyday conversations etc … just seem so trivial, when you consider what we are here to do. Any advice?

Good day to you. Thank you for your consistency in bringing about thoughts that many humans have upon your Planet. We could not possibly consider such a thought, for nothing that we do or think or express in anyway, would be considered mundane or pointless.

Well that’s the thing! I know I shouldn’t feel this way. I should make the most of everything and I try to. Yet, it doesn’t stop my underlying thoughts of ‘What’s the point of this ‘triviality’ … or thinking to myself whilst doing something with others ‘How is this enhancing our souls and indeed our Planet? A lot of activities or conversations do not seem to carry a High Vibration with them.

Let us be polite, yet blunt with you Blossom. This attitude about things is brought about by you. This attitude is how you are CHOOSING to think. You COULD CHOOSE to completely change your thoughts around about any given conversation or activity … And make your entire Being … your Entire purpose for BEing here … be of GREAT JOY!

This I also know. Yet … with respect … Life down here sometimes, ‘aint always sunshine lollipops and rainbows!

Yet, if you chose it to be … it would be … no matter what the circumstance.

All I am thinking right now is that one must have to be a highly evolved soul, to sift through the everyday mundaneness, or fruitless conversations in order to make every moment a joyous one.

This is so. Up to you! 

Such hard work for the mind to continually be able to think like that. Sometimes, I just want to ‘Get off’! No offence to anyone … Yet, the point we are at on our Planet seems STILL to be that of trivial pursuit … Instead of joyous pursuit … and yet so many think that in searching for their joyous pursuit, they will find it in their trivial one!

And who are you to say they will or wont?

I am Blossom Goodchild, just here expressing how I feel at times. As I have said many time before, I have a blessed life and yet, quite often … I still question this Planet and all who sail in her!

Yet you chose to be here.

Dearest Light Beings … all these things I know … for we have spoken of them many times … and I am not saying ‘I know, I know, I know’, in a big headed manner. I am saying … that considering so many of us KNOW all this … that it is our choice of attitude etc … how come our minds still have these thoughts quite regularly of ‘Yawn yawn yawn’?

We wish to speak openly with you about this subject matter .

You are under attack constantly from those who ‘run’ your Planet. Under attack far more than you realize … and in many more ways than you realize. 

Many readers would want you to elaborate in what these methods of attack are?

And for many reasons we do not desire to go into great detail.

And you know many people will say you never answer questions properly … you dodge them … therefore; you are not ‘authentic’. (I know you to be Truth … I just like to be the advocate, so frustration can be kept to a minimum).

Dearest one … we have mentioned many times that we are not here to impress. This is not a popularity contest. Souls either resonate with that which we speak or they do not. We have no agenda other than to serve in the Light.

If it is at times, that we do not follow though intensely and with detail regarding certain subject matter … it is for a very good reason. Why ON EARTH would we desire to trick you?

You wouldn’t but some express you can’t answer questions, you evade them because you are not of Truth. So I am just getting you to explain this.

We come to assist. That which we CHOOSE to express is carefully collaborated so that these messages are received by ALL (and we mean ALL ) … and cannot get you into any trouble … If you understand . We think you do .

Yes … to protect me. So back to us being under attack. Just how much does this affect our Being?

To a large extent! Dampening your spirit so that you sometimes feel the way you do is part of the overall plan to suppress and bring discomfort in self. 

Yet, you are here to overcome that. It is at these times when you feel that all is so pointless that you must FIGHT BACK.  For you know better. You know that it is just a breath and a thought away to make you change that which you are ‘fed’ … to a place of feeling so HIGH and so ON TOP OF THINGS … In an instant.

You know this. Therefore, you can do this with the greatest of ease.

Be aware when you have these thoughts, of what they are and where they come from and why you are having them. That knowledge, in itself can make you instantaneously overcome such thoughts and feelings.

The more you have them … the more those who do not wish you to shine your Light are winning through.

The more you change your thoughts … so simply, so easily … The more YOU … THE LIGHT … is winning through. Do you see? So simple Dearest Ones.

I am known for sticking to something I have made my mind up to do. Sometimes, I need to discipline myself a little more than at other times. I guess it is a matter of making sure that this which you say, becomes a priority. To become more aware that when I have these thoughts … they are not coming from me … they are being sent to me … in ‘the guise’ of coming from me.

Correct Dearest soul. And the more you choose to recognize this … the more you can CHANGE it.

Why would it be that you … any of you … in your Light … would feel that everything is so pointless and that you want to leave the Planet?

Just making it clear that I would never ‘take myself out’ … I just, now and then, want the next bus outta here.

We understand. Yet KNOWING in fullness for self /of self … THE LIGHT YOU ARE … IN TRUTH … you KNOW why you are here.

TO BE LOVE and raise the Vibration of self and all around you . 

What an absolute honour!

What an absolute Joy!

What a wonderful way to spend every moment of your day!

When you accept this … and PUT IT INTO PRACTICE …

When you are vigilant to the ‘enth degree about ‘looking out for/being aware of … thoughts that do not serve …

When you CHOOSE to BE WARRIORS OF LIGHT with every breath …

THEN … Dearest Ones, shall you FEEL the difference in WHO YOU ARE.

When you feel WHO YOU ARE instead of TRY TO BE who you are … then shall the thoughts of triviality take but a Nano second of your time before they are dispersed … discarded.

And how GOOD Shall you FEEL in this KNOWING … that in NO WAY are you letting those of lesser Light … those who choose to play a different game … take hold of your thoughts and bring you down to their level.




How we desire to get through to you on the deepest level, that by BEING the Light you are … you can overcome anything and everything!

We are aware of unrest in many of your countries and there is much concern as to how it will all ‘pan out’. We say to you … let go of the concern … do not add fuel to the fire.

Instead, add Light to the darkness and radiate your Light and Love into ALL situations that bring ill ease. 

THIS Dearest Ones … is how the situations shall be rectified.

THIS … Oh souls of Divine Source … is how you bring your Planet back into balance.

 We have said there shall be much upheaval in order to eventually bring balance ‘Home’.

THIS is when you come into your own.

THIS is when you stand firm … when you hold your swords of Light to the sky and you say:



Are you up for it Dearest Souls? Are you strong enough to see this through? Are you? Are you?

Yes. We are! I feel it. I know it. For with your helpful messages, I am able to regain strength and KNOW that it is really very simple. Sure, it takes practice to remain in a vibration that serves at all times … yet it takes practice also, not to eat dairy or grain right now and because I set my mind to it … it’s just a matter of discipline! So … I just apply the same principles to my thoughts and feelings … and MAKE myself become who I Truly AM!

And you know Blossom, that many would disagree with your wording … in that one shouldn’t have to MAKE themselves become themselves … for you just are. Yet, we agree with you … that due to common knowledge these days of suppressants to the soul from outsiders … one HAS to be stronger in their attitude and outlook.

Yet, like anything … Practice makes perfect … and the more one practices, the easier it becomes. Until eventually, it takes no effort at all. Like riding a bike, as you would say.

Yep, and I’ve fallen off mine many a time.

And you got back on to regain confidence and prove to yourself you could do it … did you not?

I did … and I could. Thanks Guys. As I said, we KNOW ALL OF THIS. We just … for some reason, need reminders and pointers and encouragement in these times.

And we Dearest Blossom, are joyously happy to be the Ones to offer it to you … ALL.




AT the point of no return … Praise be! WE HAVE LIFT OFF.

Best find my parachute!


In LOVE and thanks . Loads of it.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is
Website: Blossom Goodchild


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