Love is our new reality

Message from People of Light through Shining Star

Message from People of Light through Shining Star 

Message to the people:

The Dove of Peace is coming in the New Era.


Let the Dove of Peace fill your hearts with Love. Where Love resides there are no wishes for war. However, first of all you need to find Peace inside yourselves. From earlier messages you know that all begins in your own hearts.

Now when the New Era has started is it time to let that Love of peace radiate out everything and everyone, animal, plants, yes everything around you where you now stand – The importance of seeing and appreciating everything in life.

Everything belongs to the circle of the Universe. You need to find the balance in yourself and your life again – Above all in yourselves so you can be more and more in balance with your physical vehicles. It is through them that your souls express themselves.

Yes, we call your bodies your physical vehicles. It is through them that your soul expresses it self and carries out its plans for this life. Take care of it with Love. Listen to what it feels good from and bad from. If you listen you will get answers.

The balance is very important because it charges you with positive energy, which fills you with light and love. You are yourself responsible for this charging. This concerns also the mental powers – To be conscious about what dialogue you to your soul, to yourself and your choices in life.

You can choose to play the leading part in your own life. Fill your self with positive thoughts, which strengthens you as a lovng person and fellow human being. As you feel you shine out to your fellow human beings. Know in your heart that we are all ONE and are all one part of this Universal life.

Life is much more simple than you believe. Look at nature and animal, they simply are. Every thing has it natural course. This is also true for you humans. Life is not a struggle, but should simply be lived here and now.

Let the Dove of Peace first create peace within yourself so that a loving balance can be reached. Let it later continue to create balance in your relations to close and dear one. When all this happens Mother Earth will be in balance. Where a loving balance exists all have equal value. You see with Loving eyes on every thing and every one. The New Era is thus formed.

With loving wishes, we send you our sisters and brothers.

The People of Light.




Translator: Per Staffan