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The Dragon People of Maldek via Aslög Bergman, January 31st, 2017

A Message from the Dragon People of Maldek

Maldek, you were so wonderful. You had green pastures and forests and mountains and valleys, your water was as clear as crystal. Everywhere there were resting places. We loved you, our beautiful Planet. You were wonderful to be with. You took care of us and our families. You cared so tenderly for us.

We did not understand what a good life we had in your care. We lived there for many eons of time. For a long time we lived there, fully in harmony with the Planet. We honored the soul of the Planet and we gave thanks for all the beauty around us. We wandered around and we lived off the growing plants and it was warm and comfortable in the pleasant climate.

Now we want you to enjoy the same as we did. As wonderfully comfortable, pleasant and careless. Without fear we lived there. In total harmony with one another. You will experience the same and it is not far from your reach. We wish that you will help one another to get there. Without you all helping one another it will not happen as easily as when you co-operate. You will open your innermost and find your own Seed and then you will let it grow and sprout and you will see that it grows faster the more you care for it.

You will share your Seeds with one another and you will care for the Seeds of one another as much as you care for your own. This is the way you can help one another grow and it will happen faster than you have been able to imagine.

You will become a herd of grazing beings, grazing together in the same field and drinking of the same spring water and bathing together in the cooling waters.

You will enjoy the wonderful sights showing up in your skies.

Remember that you are One. One who is expanding and is growing, allows oneself to become caring for all, when you care for your Seeds inside you.

We are watching you and we are joyfully seeing the view lying ahead of you.

We are helping you, we are pushing you, we are speaking to you, we are calling out to you, we are whispering to you in your sleep, we are constantly guarding over you and we do not leave anybody out. None of you will be left alone. Ever.

We are The Dragon People of Maldek.